AG Pruitt announces lengthy sentence for fraudster

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt

Attorney General Scott Pruitt on Tuesday announced an 18-year prison sentence for LaTroy Staglin after he was convicted of 9 felony counts of submitting a false claim for insurance.

Operating under many aliases, Staglin would wait in various store parking lots around the Oklahoma City metro area, and he would intentionally cause wrecks that resulted in the other party paying for his false insurance claim. Many of Staglin’s victims were elderly, indicating that he may have been targeting them because of their age.

Video surveillance from some parking lots showed that Staglin would drive up and down the aisles of parking lots looking for the opportunity to engage in an accident with someone reversing out of a parking spot. In many instances, the victims also stated that the damage to the vehicles that Staglin was driving did not match the damage that could have been caused in the parking lot wrecks. Staglin repeated these tactics with an increasing frequency from August 2014 to January 2015.

ParkingLotHitStaglin was also convicted and sentenced to a prison term in 2009 for committing the same type of fraud.

Staglin was investigated by the Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, and Insurance Fraud Unit of the attorney general’s office. The unit investigates and prosecutes fraud on the part of claimants, doctors, attorneys and insurance companies. The unit also provides education and training about workers’ compensation fraud. To report workers’ compensation, social security or insurance fraud contact the Attorney General’s Office at (405) 521-3921 or visit the AG’s website at

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