Policy wonk humor breaks campaign blues

geralddaughertyBouncing around the web is a humorous video campaign ad sure to bring a smile.

The challenge to the candidate was, how to make an effective ad when you’re running for county commissioner and the sexiest issue you’re apt to be dealing with is traffic?

Even worse: How do you make an effective ad showcasing the fact that you’re a wonk? The answer from Commissioner Daugherty has been called the “Best Campaign Ad of the Year.”

Tulsa Today agrees, it is the best we have seen so far.  The news and commentary site Hot Air wrote, “This sonofagun did it (making public policy entertaining) like a property-tax-assessing Rain Man.

The very brief Youtube description follows: Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty is a proven fighter for better roads, lower taxes, and responsible county spending. Keep Gerald working for us – Vote on November 8.

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