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OKGOPlogoSunsetThe Director of Communications for the Oklahoma Republican Party, A. Bennett Beard, released Thursday the detailed statistical results of the November 8 election. One of the most surprising was that while national voter turnout increased 1.7% over 2012, Oklahoma turnout increased by 8.8%, the third highest of any non-swing state and the fifth highest in the nation. Further and for the first time in Oklahoma history, Republicans won every State Senate seat on the ballot, for a net gain of three seats.

The conclusion Tulsa Today Editors gather from these results is that this election was a referendum on 1.) Policy and ideology as demonstrated by the Democratic Party during President Barack Obama’s  Administration, 2.) The quality of Oklahoma Democratic candidates, and 3.) The failure of efforts to demonize Republican policies and candidates — so “over the top” ridiculous that even traditional media propaganda failed to sway voters.

In short, the National and Oklahoma Democratic Parties have lost all credibility with voters and are desperately in need of new ideology, policy and people.  

Beard presents the final 2016 Oklahoma Election Summary voting results as follows.

Donald Trump. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Donald J. Trump. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Presidential Election
• Donald Trump received 949,136 (65.32%) total votes; Hillary Clinton received 420,375 (28.93%) total votes; and Gary Johnson received 83,481 (5.75%) total votes.

 Donald Trump carried all 77 counties, the fourth consecutive time the Republican nominee has done so. Oklahoma was one of only two states where Donald Trump carried every county in the state (West Virginia), and is the only state to accomplish this in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

• Despite the presence of a Libertarian on the ballot, Trump actually won more votes in 72 of 77 counties than Mitt Romney in 2012. In fact, if you give President-elect Trump just 40% of the Gary Johnson vote, he would have beaten Romney’s 2012 numbers in every county outside the panhandle.

• Hillary Clinton performed worse (by percentage) in 76 of 77 counties when compared to Obama in 2012.

Sen. James Lankford

Sen. James Lankford

Senatorial Election
• James Lankford won more votes than any candidate ever in Oklahoma.

• Senator Lankford defeated Democrat nominee Mike Workman by 43-points, one of the most lopsided results in the nation. [Workman is a perennial candidate interviewed by Tulsa Today during his previous effort to win the Labor Commissioner office, click here for that interview.]

• Senator Lankford received 980,892 (67.74%) total votes; Mike Workman-(D) received 355,911 (24.58%) total votes; Robert T. Murphy-(L) received 43,421 (3.00%) total votes; Sean Braddy-(I) received 40,405 (2.79%) total votes; and Mark T. Beard-(I) received 27,418 (1.89%) total votes.

Congressional Elections

Rep. Markwayne Mullin

Rep. Markwayne Mullin

• Oklahoma returned all five Republican members of Congress in convincing fashion.

• Congressman Markwayne Mullin received 189,839 (70.61%) total votes; Joshua Harris-Till-(D) received 62,387 (23.20%) total votes; and John McCarthy-(I) received 16,644 (6.19%) total votes.

• Congressman Frank Lucas received 227,525 (78.29%) total votes; and Frankie Robbins-(D) received 63,090 (21.71%) total votes.

• Congressman Tom Cole received 204,143 (69.93%) total votes; Christina Owen-(D) received 76,472 (26.08%) total votes; and Sevier White-(L) received 12,574 (4.29%) total votes.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

• Congressman Steve Russell received 160,184 (57.09%) total votes; Al McAffrey-(D) received 103,273 (36.81%) total votes; and Zachary Knight-(L) received 17,113 (6.10%) total votes.

• Congressman Jim Bridenstine did not face a general election opponent.

State Questions
• State Question 776 Legislative Referendum No. 367 (Death Penalty) passed, receiving 942,504 “YES” votes (66.36%) and 477,717 “NO” votes (33.64%).

• State Question 777 Legislative Referendum No. 368 (Right to Farm) failed, receiving 864,827 “NO” votes (60.29%) and 569,668 “YES” votes (39.71%).

• State Question 779 Initiative Petition No. 403 (One Percent Sales Tax) failed, receiving 853,573 “NO” votes (59.40%) and 583,429 “YES” votes 40.60%).

• TulRepubLogo1State Question 780 Initiative Petition No. 404 (Criminal Justice Reform) passed, receiving 831,123 “YES” votes (58.23%) and 596,070 “NO” votes (41.77%).

• State Question 781 Initiative Petition No. 405 (Mental Health Funding) passed, receiving 795,475 “YES” votes (56.22%) and 619,580 “NO” votes (43.78%).

• State Question 790 Legislative Referendum No. 369 (Religious Freedom) failed, receiving 809,254 “NO” votes (57.12%) and 607,482 “YES” votes (42.88%).

• State Question 792 Legislative Referendum No. 370 (Alcohol Modernization) passed, receiving 939,848 “YES” votes (65.62%) and 492,422 “NO” votes (34.38%).

Miscellaneous Facts

Trump Supporters. Photo by David Arnett, Tulsa Today

Trump Supporters. Photo by David Arnett, Tulsa Today

• Despite defending a record number of open seats, Republicans picked up seats in both legislative chambers. The Oklahoma Republican Party now maintains a 42-6 super majority in the Senate and a 75-26 super majority in the House.

• There are 13 Freshmen Republican Senators.

• There are 24 Freshmen Republican Representatives.

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