CNN hires Laura Jarrett to cover Justice

Valerie and Laura Jarrett

Analysis:  Continuing a long association with and promotion of partisan propagandists, cable channel CNN has hired Laura Jarrett, daughter of senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, to report on the Dept. of Justice in the Trump administration.

Laura Jarrett

According to Heat Street, the move was formally announced Wednesday, but the network “quietly hired” Jarrett in September for the reporting gig out of the Washington bureau. Her official CNN bio does not mention the fact that her mother is President Obama’s most trusted adviser and closest confidante.

Laura Jarrett has no journalism experience.

Prior to joining CNN, she was a private litigator in Chicago, where she defended individuals and companies in lawsuits brought by the Justice Department.

Barack Obama with Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett has long been one of the most powerful figures in the Obama administration. Extremely close both to the President and the First Lady, she has accompanied the Obamas on family vacations, and often follows the president back to the White House residence after working hours, a habit that has earned her the nickname “the Night Stalker.”

Valerie Jarrett is also a well known friend of Tulsan George B. Kaiser, one of the top campaign fundraisers of former-President Barack Hussein Obama.

Other CNN assignments in part include:
• Dana Bash as the network’s chief political correspondent.
• Gloria Borger as the network’s chief political analyst.
• Mark Preston senior political analyst and David Chalian as CNN’s political director.
• Jim Acosta and Jeff Zeleny serve as CNN’s Senior White House correspondents joined by correspondents Athena Jones and Sara Murray with reporters Jeremy Diamond, Stephen Collinson and Kate Bennett.
• Congress will be covered by Senior Congressional reporter Manu Raju and CNN correspondents Phil Mattingly and Sunlen Serfaty.
• Jim Sciutto will continue as CNN’s chief national security correspondent.
• Senior Diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski will join Global Affairs correspondent Elise Labott to cover the State Department.
• Barbara Starr will continue to cover the Department of Defense as CNN’s Pentagon correspondent and will be joined there by reporter Ryan Browne.
• The Justice Department and Supreme Court will be covered by Justice and Supreme Court correspondent Pamela Brown, Justice correspondent Evan Perez, Justice reporter Laura Jarrett and Supreme Court reporter Ariane De Vogue.

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