Showdown over Sanctuary Cities

In the 1940s, Jan Ting’s parents faced a difficult path to American citizenship following a U.S. immigration ban on Chinese workers that lasted 61 years.

Today, Ting is a law professor at Temple University—after serving as a top immigration official under President George H.W. Bush. Ting is also a strong opponent of sanctuary cities that shield illegal immigrants from deportation. That includes Philadelphia, where Temple University is located.

“I think that it is wrong, I think it endangers public safety, I think it endangers our law enforcement officers, and it’s just short-sighted,” he says.

This week on “Full Measure,” we examine the debate over sanctuary cities, which face a loss of federal funding following President Donald Trump’s directive Wednesday. Watch the story to learn more about what’s at stake.

About the author/host: Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy award-winning investigative journalist and  senior independent contributor to The Daily Signal. She hosts the Sunday morning news program “Full Measure” and wrote the New York Times bestseller “Stonewalled.” Full Measure airs first in Tulsa on KTUL, TV 8 Sunday at 9 am.

“Full Measure” isn’t formatted like the long-running Sunday morning shows that air on the broadcast networks that are filled with interviews and panel discussions. Instead, Attkisson fronts a newsmagazine-style program that features long-form reports from her and a team of correspondents. The investigative pieces cover a range of political and socioeconomic topics that include wasteful spending by the government and corporate fraud. The show premiered October 4, 2015. Send an email to Sharyl.


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