Spirit of America rally in Tulsa

Spirit of America, Photo: Bland Bridenstine, Tulsa Today

On a windy spring day Oklahoma patriots gathered at Tulsa’s Hunter Park to praise God and thank President Donald J. Trump.

“We’re not protesting anything,” organizer Shawna Sartin said in opening remarks “We want a positive rally today.”

The rally drew a modest crowd of near 200 people Saturday as a series of speakers highlighted conservative themes including; Rule of Law, U.S. Constitution, immigration reform, protection for life at all ages and gratitude for the military and law enforcement.

Sartain had reason to be concerned that the crazy left would protest, but fruitcakes from Tahlequah scurried back home after their sidewalk comedy the previous night at the Oklahoma Republican Victory Ball and Delegation Dinner at Tulsa’s Mayor Hotel.  As is their most common tactic, Tulsa’s local communists just took pot shots in comments online.

National Republican Committee Staff and former-OK GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell chats with a Patriot Guard Rider at Spirit of America Rally in Tulsa March 4, 2017.

Many who attended the Hunter Park rally had also attended the Delegation Dinner which strongly suggests Oklahoma Conservatives are united in support of President Donald J. Trump’s agenda to “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp.”  That unity is unlikely to be dissuaded by any promoted fiction from Russia, D.C., or news rooms local to national.

Hunter Park also features a dog park and some who unexpectedly found themselves at a rally enjoyed the event and made new friends. One patriot said, “We are not against anyone. We even like Leftists because that is where our converts come from once they look at facts and consider wisdom.”

After the rally wrapped up around 3 p.m., some stayed to enjoy a musical performance from local country and pop duo Camille & Haley. The Tulsa pair have produced several albums and famously crafted a campaign theme song for Rick Santorum. They are immensely popular at God and Country themed events.

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