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These “protectors” don’t protect from their own trash.

Editorial:  A Florida company hired by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to clean up the remains of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest says, after three months, they’ve finally finished hauling away all the garbage left at the temporary camp. It filled 835 dump trucks and cost $1.1 million to clean the land.   

North Dakota booted protesters from camps in December, but it wasn’t until the tribe itself pleaded with the uninvited to return to wherever they came from that activists finally abandoned their temporary shelters. These self-proclaimed “protectors” were frequently covered by the local club rag Tulsa Voice owned by Langdon Publishing.

It’s tiresome in Tulsa as leftists publish so many lies in little papers few read.  They appeal to the young, what Stalin called “useful idiots” and worship at various alters of hedonism. In this case worshiping the creation over the creator and doing it badly.

In breathless prose, multiple local writers over months covered the Standing Rock Protest with fabricated outrage (click for example) attacking an oil pipeline of which there are tens of thousands existing and not harming the environment, but the left doesn’t need facts or accept reason. They operate on emotional hysteria with cultural stampedes that always show hypocrisy – in this case by trash.

As pointless rhetoric receded, protesters failed secure their garbage. They abandoned trash, shelter materials, refuse and even a dozen pets they couldn’t—or didn’t want to—take home. How very not personally responsible of them. Maybe they expected mommy to come pick-up after she wiped away their snowflake tears over Trump’s election.

They screamed in self righteousness, “This is the issue. The one, big, glaring issue. It is a complete divide in a way of being, a way of existing on this planet.”  (Nov. 2016 issue of The Tulsa Voice)

So they teach by setting an example with how they personally care for the land and water?

The Army Corps of Engineers says they removed 8,170 cubic feet of trash from three camps, filling those 835 dump trucks. Had that garbage remained on the dry creek bed the runoff from melting snow and rain could have driven waste and refuse into the tribe’s water supply and polluted the land beneath the camps, causing an environmental disaster. Is anyone planning on protesting that? Any protester willing to pick up the $1.1 million cleaning bill to help the people of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe? 

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