Exhibit celebrates heroes of Holocaust

Turbulent Spirits, by Knigin

Tulsa’s Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art has partnered with the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to honor the late Michael Knigin show, “Remembrance 2000” during April.

Knigin’s exhibit features 25 pieces on canvas, all commemorating both dead and living heroes of the Holocaust.

Knigin’s art serves as an ongoing reminder of the past and a step toward building a better future.   

Artist Michael Knigin

“In my paintings and graphics, I seek to isolate objects and images from their mundane contexts and reorganize them, thereby granting them a new life,” said Knigin.

“I select colors, textures and forms that complement the realistic images that I use. The elements reinforce the fact that I am creating something new, not merely replicating nature’s truths.”

The gallery is open April 5-27, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and during all Chapman Music Hall events.

For more information, call 918.596.2368, or visit online by clicking here for www.TulsaPAC.com and find us on all social media outlets.

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