Brainwashed children now ISIS bloody killers

Screen shot from ISIS video

The horror of Islam’s most visible murderous evil is visible in video Tulsa Today first covered January 30. Today, Sky News features a portion of the killing video the Clarion Project first released and interviews some of the  captured children. The killer kids are abused and brainwashed boys.

Sky News reports, “On the highly produced film, you see handcuffed men running from room to room. They are being hunted. It is utterly awful when you realize it is real. This looks like a Hollywood film. But it is actually happening. 

“As they hunt down the men, they kill them. The final moments of fear, screaming, begging and the pain are glorified. It is astoundingly barbaric.

The video is important because it explains why these are not just errant youths. They have been brainwashed, and they are deadly.

“The question is whether or not they always will be – because in the chaos of the Mosul battle many of them are on the loose,” Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay wrote.

In the first posting of the video, Tulsa Today considered immigration as President Donald Trump first sought to limit unfettered flow of unknowable threats which Leftists welcome into “other people’s homes.”  Warning: This video is deeply disturbing.

Sky News was given rare access to a detention center in Erbil where captured boys – as well as other suspects – are confined now in refugee camps.

Click here to read the Sky News report titled, “Cubs of the caliphate.”

For Tulsa Today’s coverage of ISIS bloodshed, this publication is accused of “Islamophobic propaganda” by Adam Soltani, Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Oklahoma Chapter.  Mr. Soltani did not appreciate our coverage of the 3rd Annual “Oklahoma Muslim Day at the Capitol” which reminded readers how domestic born Muslims may also be radicalized as shown in the following video posted February 27.

Tulsa Today understands that one of the things Progressives and Muslims share in doctrine is official encouragement to lie and deceive any opponent at every opportunity. That is why they hire over-priced public relations firms without moral integrity.

For more firsthand reports as civilized people (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics and others) battle bloodthirsty evil Islamic Fanatics, click here for the Clarion Project web site.

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