AG Hunter commends TPD on crime sweep

Assistant Attorney General Joy Mohorovicic, speaking on behalf of OK AG Mike Hunter on the successful operation.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter Wednesday commended Tulsa Police and other state and federal law enforcement agencies after a successful operation aimed at reducing violent crime. The four-day operation arrested dozens of violent criminals, seized weapons, drugs and served a multitude of warrants.

The Tulsa Police Department is a recipient of the Safe Oklahoma Grant Program, which is awarded by the Attorney General’s Office. The program is designed to help law enforcement personnel and police departments target violent crime areas by providing finds for equipment upgrades, technology, offset the cost of overtime and other resources needed to fight violent crime.

“I applaud the efforts by the multiple law enforcement agencies that underwent a four day, city-wide sweep to target violent criminals and drug dealers,” Attorney General Hunter said. “The cooperation of over 50 officers and agents working together to arrest dozens of people, confiscate nearly 30 guns and remove pounds of illegal drugs that dealers were looking to sell to men, women and children, is nothing short of remarkable.

“I am honored the Attorney General’s Office was able to play a role by awarding the Safe Oklahoma Grant to the Tulsa Police Department, like we do with many other law enforcement agencies around the state. We remain committed to keeping Oklahomans safe.”

The operation included officers and agents from the Tulsa Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, the FBI and the ATF.

According to a press release from the Tulsa Police Department, agents served warrants, arrested or seized the following:
• 41 felony warrants served
• 127 misdemeanor warrants served
• 126 individuals were arrested on felony charges
• 45 individuals were arrested on misdemeanor charges
• 16 search warrants served
• 4.8 pounds of methamphetamine seized
• 3.92 pounds of marijuana seized
• 29 guns seized
• 92 additional arrests made

The Safe Oklahoma Grant Program was created in 2012 by the Oklahoma Legislature through HB 3052. The legislation directs appropriation be made fully available at the end of each fiscal year to the Attorney General’s Office to distribute to local law enforcement agencies and sheriff’s departments.

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