Scott Pruitt withdraws from OK GOP event

EPA Director Scott Pruitt

Apparently, OK Republican Party Chair Pam Pollard shot herself in the foot by sending out an invitation to an event featuring Oklahoman Scott Pruitt, now Director of the EPA, that prevented Pruitt’s attendance.

Of course, Democrats were quick to pounce and this morning on Fox Radio with Brian Kilmeade, Pruitt clarified the issue. 

Pruitt joined Kilmeade to address the accusations among other topics.

On the ethics issue Pruitt said, “We were invited to attend and actually the ethics office at the EPA actually approved of my attendance. What happened was the folks that invited me sent out an invitation, post that approval, that didn’t comply with federal law and federal ethics law so we’re not going to be able to attend because of the invitation. It was sent out, but it was actually approved in advance by our EPA ethics office, but it was just what happened afterwards that prevented my attendance.”

Click here to reach Fox News Radio with the audio interview of Scott Pruitt.

The event was to be held at the Oklahoma Republican Party State Convention and Pruitt, former-Oklahoma Attorney General, was the announced speaker at Friday evening’s Gala Dinner May 5.

No announcement has been made on a replacement speaker for the Gala Dinner, but information on the convention may be found at

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