Vladimir Putin has proof of Trump truth

Analysis: Russian President Vladimir Putin said early Wednesday that he is willing to provide transcripts of the meeting between Russian officials and President Trump to Congress in order to prove the president did not share classified secrets, The Hill and Circa.com have reported.

Putin is reportedly willing to hand over such records after The Washington Post published, by all standards, a factious report disputed by eyewitnesses that Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials during a meeting in the Oval Office. 
Putin, speaking at an event with the visiting Italian prime minister, dismissed the uproar over Trump’s meeting with Sergey Lavrov and Sergei Kislyak as “political schizophrenia.”

The Russian president joked that Lavrov would be reprimanded because “he hasn’t shared those secrets with us,” the Associated Press reported.

Now if only the recently selected “Special Counsel” will investigate President Barack Obama’s sly lies about Russia and then-Secretary Clinton’s sale of American Uranium to Russia (which may return on the tip of a rocket someday) then maybe Americans will have a bit more confidence that the so-called “Deep State” of “spy guys & gals” is not an insanely partisan political tool of America’s Leftist enemies. It is a fair question as they are paid by taxpayers: Dear American Spies, are you working for or against America?  If for us, then support security for all and the Rule of Law.

This little bit of real news quickly dismissed by many agenda driven national media may be found on The Hill by clicking here and Circa.com by clicking here.

For the record: Americans, in majority, voted for Donald J. Trump for President because at least he shows love for America – something not demonstrated by eight years of Obama nor proclaimed by criminal crony government hack Hillary Clinton who lied to family over the coffins of their dead killed in Benghazi. 

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