NRATV battles media: Guess who wins?

Dana Loesch, national radio and TV host

TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch recently filmed a video for the National Rifle Association (NRATV) where she called out the New York Times for their agenda-driven media coverage.

The ever predictable Liberals, including CNN analyst Mark Hertling, had meltdowns over the ad, saying Loesch’s message is “hateful” and “encourages violence.“ 

A New York Times reporter Adam Goldman also dishonestly attacked the video which, ironically, exposed The New York Times’ systemic dishonesty. But NRATV refused to let his dishonest tactics stand, exposing the truth he attempted to distort, asked viewers where The New York Times’ newfound interest in the pursuit of the truth comes from.

First the original video with text following:

We the people have had it with your narratives, your propaganda, your fake news.

We’ve had it with your constant protection of your Democrat overlords, your refusal to acknowledge any truth that upsets the fragile construct that you believe is real life.

And we’ve had it with your pretentious tone-deaf assertion that you are, in any way, are truth or fact-based journalism.

Consider this the shot across your proverbial bow.

We’re going to fisk the New York Times and just what deep, rich means to this old gray hag, this untrustworthy, dishonest rag that has subsisted on the welfare of mediocrity for one, two, three more decades.

We’re going to laser focus on your so-called honest pursuit of truth. In short, we’re coming for you.

Then after the attack by the New York Times – America’s Treasonous Tabloid of Failure – comes another NRATV production.


Of course for those media, political and nonprofessional addicts of fame; Twitter provides outlet as covered on here.

Not to be left out of discussions of Leftists propaganda tools, The Washington Post also battled and, as always, lost to far more powerful video production – transcript highlights again follow.

In this video Grant Stinchfield blasts The Washington Post after they attacked Dom Raso’s “Organized AnarchyCommentators video and called it a “dark” piece that “talk politics, not guns.” Stinchfield reminds the paper that every freedom is connected and if one is threatened, they all are threatened. He also asserts that they’re doing more damage to our country with a keyboard than every NRA member combined has ever done with a firearm.

In short, failing news is increasingly recognized as one-sided.  You dumb clucks need to hire a non-bat-poop-crazy writer even if you have to import them from fly-over country.

For years, The Washington Post has tarnished gun owners in an effort to take away our Second Amendment freedoms. The fake news outlet even went so far as to make the blatantly false claim that the NRA had illegal ties to Russia.

But The Washington Post isn’t mad about the lack of guns, it’s upset about an abundance of truth. The truth about their role in the organized anarchy of the violent left by spreading lies about those who disagree with their radical agenda, while refusing to cover the extremist beliefs and tactics of people like Carmen Perez, DeRay Mckesson and the liberal politicians like Chuck Schumer and Al Franken who refuse to condemn them.

So they trot out a general assignment reporter, Alex Horton, to call Dom Raso’s video “dark.” And they tell us we can’t have an opinion unless it’s about guns.

Listen to me, Washington Post. In fact, I’m telling every leftist media propaganda machine defending the violent left to hear what I’m about to say.

We talk about more than guns because every freedom is connected. If one is threatened, they all are threatened. And the organized anarchy that you and your politicians and your activists are pushing is destroying our country.

It’s why the more than 5 million members of the NRA, along with gun owners and freedom-loving Americans have come together—a clenched fist of truth to protect our freedoms at home. And we do so because Americans like Alex, the Post reporter who did serve, and Dom, have sacrificed so much to defend those freedoms abroad.

It’s why we will never stop fighting the violent left on the battlefield of truth.

So here’s a suggestion for The Washington Post: Don’t worry about how many guns are in our videos. Worry about how many facts are in your articles. Because if gun owners abused our Second Amendment the way you abuse your paper and the First Amendment, our rights would have been taken away long ago. You people do more damage to our country with a keyboard than every NRA member combined has ever done with a firearm.

A closing word for print publications.  Throughout modern history you have threatened others with the words, “never argue with those who buy ink by the gallon and paper by the roll.”  Those days are done. Print may remain as a delivery vehicle for preprinted circulars, but if you do not correct your leftist if not mindless-Marxist orientation – ridicule and distain are sure to pursue you.

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