‘Strategic Patience’ results in war

North Korea photo of their new thermonuclear bomb

Opinion: The entire world specifically including both Democrat and Republican U.S. Presidents have suffered the results of North Korea’s governing mental illness.

North Korea ballistic rockets can now reach America and Europe. They recently tested a thermonuclear weapon. They threaten an EMP that would, in a flash, end America’s electric grid and set daily life for our children back 100 years – before electricity, running water and modern food distribution. Does that work for you and your family?  

Civilized sane people object to war. Therefore, insane non-civilized threats of war tolerated by what President Obama called “strategic patience” empowers an ever increasing threat of war. It is nature – appease a bully and be more bullied.

Thank President Obama and Ben Rhodes for wordsmithing cowardice as patience.

As Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. wrote recently, “this witches’ brew of trouble is befalling the United States on President Trump’s watch because the Obama administration basically did nothing to attenuate the danger. Instead, it dressed up inactivity and passivity in the face of the metastasizing danger as strategic patience.”

Murderous despots liberally utilizing terror in paranoid hysteria primarily upon their own people and visitors less famous than the idiotic clown Dennis Rodman presume themselves unstoppable bullies thus real people must face forward to fight or die.

Further, North Korea is intimately involved with Iran, a nation ruled by a totalitarian religious cult that demands Western Civilization in general and America in particular die or worship them – all of us – today or as soon as possible. Their cult tells them heaven will come after the world is destroyed so they eagerly chant in mass demonstrations on the streets demanding war begin.

It is not Civilization’s fault evils wish themselves the only leaders of the world like the original pajama boy blogger, Karl Marx, who imagined utopia from totalitarianism.

Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, further wrote in a recent post on Breitbart.com what appears to be the only practical approach to North Korea.

If Mr. Trump is to avoid being held hostage by North Korean blackmail or, worse yet, seeing Kim Jong Un act on his oft-stated determination to destroy our country, the President must immediately undertake two steps:

• First, in May, Rep. Trent Franks advised the President of the availability of a predictive algorithm that – based upon years of testing, including on the Army’s classified PAC-3 anti-missile simulator – could promptly and significantly enhance the capabilities of existing, as well as future, anti-missile systems. Confirming the effectiveness of this software, known as the Hypersonic Intercept Technology, and bringing it to bear against both North Korean threats and those now emerging from Russia and China (which include advanced hypersonic and maneuvering missiles designed to defeat our present missile defenses) must be given the highest priority.

• Second, the President has already pledged to upgrade America’s critical infrastructure. The imperative of protecting the nation’s bulk-power distribution system, better known as “the grid,” must now take precedence over other improvements. The U.S. military has known for decades how to “harden” electrical and electronic gear from EMP. These techniques must now be applied on an emergency basis to ensure that the civilian grid – upon which both our armed forces and our population and economy critically depend – is made as invulnerable as possible to enemy action.

A first step would be to extend the life of the Congressional EMP Threat Commission – the nation’s foremost authorities on the sorts of menace now explicitly posed by the North Korean government. As things stand now, its existing mandate will end in less than a month and the Commission’s expertise is needed now more than ever. The next step is to implement, at last, the recommendations this panel has been making for 13 years concerning practical, near-term and affordable steps to enhance the resiliency of our electric infrastructure.

This is a moment when the Congress must stand united with President Trump in resisting the inevitable blackmailing to come from North Korea by doing everything practicable to defeat Pyongyang’s missile threats and deny Kim Jong-Un his ultimate instrument of extortion by securing our grid.

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These are not choices of Western Civilization’s making.

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