Tulsa Republicans rebuke State Legislature

David McLain, Republican Party of Tulsa County

Tulsa Today Exclusive: David McLain, Chairman, Republican Party of Tulsa County released a letter Monday to party insiders calling to task Oklahoma lawmakers for “massive, permanent, tax increases.”

McLain wrote, “I call upon our Republican Governor and Legislature to adhere to the Republican Party Platform, on which they were elected” adding “There are opportunities for spending reductions in bloated, top-heavy agencies and duplications of services.”   

Titled “Republicans of Tulsa County Oppose State Tax Increases” McLain wrote:

To meet a short-term budget problem, our Republican Governor, House and Senate Legislatures proposed massive, permanent, tax increases on services, gasoline, tobacco, oil and utilities. They dismiss proposals to reduce spending. Meanwhile, our State Treasurer announced in September that, “Gross receipts from the past 12 months…are more than those of the prior 12 months by 2.3 percent, or just over $250 million.” The revenue crisis has passed, but officials still want to raise taxes.

The insistence on increasing taxes is splitting the Party and damaging the Oklahoma Republican brand. I talk to Republicans daily, knock on doors for our Republican candidates running in special elections and frequently consult with elected officials at the local and state levels. Oklahoma Republican voters are dismayed at this fixation on tax increases.

A News9/Newson6 poll conducted October 26 by SoonerPoll.com shows the majority of the state’s likely voters oppose tax increases (52.7 percent opposed the measure, 44.7 percent “strongly opposed; Republicans opposed at 55.2 percent, Democrats opposed at 50.1 percent). Nationally, President Trump is purposing the most aggressive TAX CUT in the history of the United States. Somehow, Oklahoma is out of sync.

I call upon our Republican Governor and Legislature to adhere to the Republican Party Platform, on which they were elected. The Platform states: D1) We support reductions, when feasible, of both taxes and government spending as a general rule of government; D2) We oppose new taxes and fee increases; D27) We urge the Governor and Legislature to review all existing government programs and agencies with the intent of abolishing duplicate programs and agencies.

There are opportunities for spending reductions in bloated, top-heavy agencies and duplications of services. Spending cuts are difficult, but the voters expect leadership to do what they have been elected to do, work together and find fiscally conservative solutions to this budget shortfall. They are not alone as our Tulsa County Precinct Officers will carry a conservative message to voters and explain solutions developed by constructive conversations with officials, that reduce governmental burdens on the people. In this, we will build a stronger Party and live up to the promise of our brand.

As Chairman of the Republican Party of Tulsa County, my mission to ensure that the Party continues to grow, remains focused and adheres to our convention approved Platform. We will support officials and candidates who articulate and demonstrate conservative principles and high moral values.

We have a duty to hold accountable those who win office as Republicans. We do not expect to agree on every issue, but our officials and candidates risk losing support if they violate key principles. I write this letter not to ruffle feathers, but to let Tulsa County Precinct Officers, Governor Mary Fallin and Republican State Senators and Representatives know that Tulsa County Republicans will defend Conservative Principles and adhere to the Party Platform.


McLain ended the declaration with an invitation for elected officials to join Tulsa County precinct officials at the next Tulsa County Committee Meeting January 25 for what is likely to be a spirited exchange.

In short, the Republican base in Tulsa County has declared open revolt with more Midwestern charm than President Trump, but to the same affect upon the OK GOP establishment. 

3 thoughts on “Tulsa Republicans rebuke State Legislature

  1. Mike Kelly

    Well said. If I had wanted a Democratic program implemented in Oklahoma, I would have voted for Democratic candidates. I see no reason to continue to work for or financially support, self called Republican candidates who do not support Republican principles. If the current leadership is so devoid of ideas and imagination that their only response to a crisis is to adopt Democratic programs, then Republicans definitely need new leadership. The actions of the Republicans, during this legislative session, is a grand example of why people are turned off of, and become cynical of, our government. Perhaps the Legislature should be sent back to 8th grade civics class for a lesson in representative government.

  2. Carrie Krapff

    I stand with Mr. McLain and the Tulsa County Republican Party. Enough is enough.

    Carrie Krapff
    Canadian County Republican Party

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