Pink soars in Tulsa on Beautiful Trauma Tour

PINK in Tulsa Monday

If the whole music thing doesn’t work out for her, it’s safe to say that Pink could join the cast of Cirque du Soleil.

As the BOK house lights dimmed Monday night and the large pink curtain dropped, the three-time Grammy winner wasn’t on the pink stage, but hanging from a large chandelier high above the arena floor as she opened her show with the appropriately titled “Get The Party Started.”  

Wearing a silver body suit that shimmered under the white spotlights, with bungee cords attached, the 38 year-old superstar rode the massive light fixture before twirling around it and doing flips. 

Those who filed into the BOK Center expecting to see a concert were treated to so much more, as it resembled a traveling stage production of an off-Broadway show complete with constantly changing sets and multiple costume changes.  During “Beautiful Trauma,” Pink and her troupe of ten dancers were surrounded by lamp posts that looked like they were melting.

During “Secrets,” she took to the air again and, with a male dancer, performed an acrobatic routine which resembled an act you would see at a circus.  As she performed “Revenge,” a song she recorded with Eminem, a tall inflatable puppet of the rapper appeared onstage stretching to the upper bowl.  She floated up high enough to playfully kick it in the face, but her foot became entangled in a cable that stabilized the two-story inflatable.

Evidently, that wasn’t the first time that has happened as she told the crowd, “that’s Marshall two, me one.”

The set for “Try” was a Sleepy Hollow type spooky forest scene with the dancers carrying candelabras around the stage.  Pink stepped into the scene wearing a red riding hood, which fell to the floor revealing a short black dress and began dancing with a male dancer who wore a gothic mask and horns.  For “Just Give Me a Reason,” the entertainer sat in the middle of a large poster bed, which slowly lifted her above the stage.

When she wasn’t flying around the arena; Pink would shake hands with those who had seats closest to the stage, further demonstrating a deep emotional connection with her fans.

For her encore of “So What,” Pink donned a harness and shouted, “I’m coming to see you in the back!”  With that, she was airborne again and floated to the rear of the BOK Center where she was eye to eye with those sitting high in the back, doing flips all along the way.

Pink’s sold out Tulsa show was just the third stop on her “Beautiful Trauma” tour, supporting her latest album of the same name. 

It was also her first time headlining a show in Oklahoma and the second of the BOK Center’s “10 for 10” concert series.

Tulsa Today covered her tour announcement here in October.

We are fans in appreciation of both her talent and heart demonstrated over time.

Cirque du Soleil should be so lucky.


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