Sistema Tulsa to the Capitol

State Rep. Karen Gaddis welcomed members of Sistema Tulsa to the Capitol on Wednesday, April 11.  Sistema Tulsa is a Boston Avenue United Methodist Church program that partners with community organizations to bring social change through music. 

The organization was presented a citation on the House floor in recognition of their efforts in promoting educational and personal growth in young people.

“It was a delight to have Sistema Tulsa at the Capitol,” said Gaddis. “Sistema Tulsa is a perfect example of community organizations partnering together to provide more learning opportunities for students. As a lifetime educator, I applaud these individuals, and I hope their model will be used in many other communities across the state.”

One unique aspect of Sistema Tulsa is that children are able to participate regardless of their socioeconomic background.

“As lawmakers and really as citizens, we should be looking for ways to tear down barriers to education,” Gaddis said. “One of the biggest barriers in this country and throughout the world is money. We need more programs like Sistema Tulsa that provide education experiences regardless of mom or dad’s income.”

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