Will Democrats destroy America?

Opinion National and State: Hillary Clinton is right.  We cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what America stands for. She’s right that we must fight against politicians and activists who degrade the rule of law, seek to delegitimize our elections, spread corruption, attack truth and reason, and try to undermine our national unity.  

A defiant, defensive, and dystopian political party must be met with determined aggression, not niceties. But she’s living in upside-down world if she believes that’s the Republican Party.

Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, there is no question the Democratic Party is on the side of those working to undermine the American system of government and the American way of life.

When they didn’t get the president they wanted in 2016, Democrats attacked the legitimacy of our election and of the Electoral College.

Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton in 2012. Credit Larry Busacca/Getty Images/New York Times

They questioned the integrity of the result and boycotted his inauguration. They encouraged electors to go rogue and overturn the election, and moved to abolish the Electoral College, disregarding its purpose preventing mob rule.

As they undermined faith in the American electoral process in these and other ways, they helped Vladimir Putin achieve one of his primary election-meddling goals.

Democrats weaponized the FBI and the Justice Department in hopes of taking down Trump, or at least of bogging him down in investigations and a cloud of suspicion that would undermine the legitimacy of his presidency. Some who are paid to implement the president’s agenda continue to brag about efforts to sabotage him from within the administration.

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Democrat Candidate Kendra Horn (right) with Tulsa RINO (Republican In Name Only) Carol Bush (left)

Editor’s Note: In Oklahoma, Democrats are running Socialists for state and federal positions mostly under cover. Some more or less recently changed their registration from Democrat to Republican and, at local functions, declare they are running to “take over” the party.

This is contrary to average citizen registration that is increasingly Republican in Oklahoma from the ground up.

More honest Democrats run openly under policy positions declared decades ago as the goals of the ancient American Communist Party (redistribution of wealth, government ownership of critical services and manufacturing… with totalitarian attitudes to match).

Drew Edmonson

Because OK Republicans failed miserably to communicate during education funding battles with union thugs masquerading as teachers abetted by lazy if not disingenuous media; a 72 year old dinosaur Democrat, “Drew” (William Andrew) Edmondson who served as the 16th Attorney General of Oklahoma from 1995 to 2011 may now win office for governor.  This would be a disaster.

Edmondson helped legalize 100 years of Democrat control of Oklahoma that, from the beginning, set citizens on a path to poverty under systemic state corruption.  Hidden in a perverted campaign of both mud-slinging and glittering generalities, Edmondson will tax average citizens more and empower cronies to again pillage and oppress the people of Oklahoma.

Kevin Stitt

Standing tall for Republicans and coherent governance is Kevin Stitt, running for public office after a highly successful career in private business.  As Trump did nationally, Stitt beat a pack of significant howling contenders as an “outsider” pledging to bring accountability to a state government that can’t even keep track of it’s own slush funds.

Stitt’s campaign phrase “Oklahoma’s turn-around starts right here, right now” is resonating despite millions spent by his opponent and out-of-state groups to demonize Stitt and his family.  Yes, the Stitts have six children.  Mrs. Stitt is doing fine, thank you, as their full-time mother.

Kevin Stitt

Stitt has the energy and optimism Oklahoma needs to overcome challenge. We have too long allowed our resources and spirits to be beaten down by union thugs and mindless media.

It’s the state and national challenge of the day: Do Conservatives care enough to show up and vote in a mid-term election? 

Do we believe in God and Country in fact as in pledge?

The coin of the realm in a free Republic is informed engaged citizens. For the best future in Oklahoma and America; it is time to stand again as we did in 2016 to humiliate pundits and corrupt cronies.  Vote next Tuesday, November 6.

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