Soros grants activists accosting officials

George Soros

The left-wing activist group that accosted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie theater in June received half a million dollars in 2017 from an organization funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed in a story today.

It is important to remember that these political public assaults are not random acts of outraged citizens, but deliberate acts by paid Leftists/Marxist provocateurs.

Financier George Soros and his wife Tamiko Bolton at the opening of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) at the German Foreign Ministry on June 8, 2017. (Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images/Daily Caller)

The Daily Caller reports, “Organize Florida, the group that hounded Bondi from a Florida movie theater, received $500,000 last year from the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), according to OSPC’s most recent tax forms.

“OSPC is the advocacy arm of Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which the billionaire uses to advance his left-wing worldview around the globe.”

Click here for more from The Daily Caller.  The video follows.

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