Tulsa battles history in mistaken honor

Tulsa’s Leftist mayor and City Council with help from the daily newspaper continues a war on history and fact in today’s coverage of Native American Day yesterday – you remember the day, the national holiday; Columbus Day.

Granted some just hate Italian-Americans or Catholics and some in history like Karl Marx provide foundation for those like Howard Zinn “lamenting Columbus’s discovery of America as the birth of capitalism.” (A People’s History of the United States, New York: Harper 2017)

Quickly understand that a Native American Day in Tulsa is a fabulous idea, but it doesn’t have to happen on a national holiday dedicated to an American Hero.

Jarrett Stepman, in The War On History writes “Columbus was still a great man, worthy of praise for his enterprise and courage and for his unique role in the spread of Western civilization to the Western hemisphere.” Those that hate Columbus Day simply hate America.

Tulsa’s ever declining daily newspaper reported, “Three years ago, (Mayor G. T.) Bynum and the Tulsa City Council originally declared Native American Day to be on Columbus Day.” Apparently, the reporter is challenged by math as the resolution to rename was passed on September 20, 2017 – two years ago.

Robert Anquoe

That effort then was driven by Native Racialist Robert Anquoe who failed local history by loudly declaring Tulsa was established on Indian land.  It was not.  Tribal citizens owned Oklahoma land and there were never reservations in Oklahoma.

“The original plat of Tulsa (land exempted as a townsite from being allotted to Mvskoke-Creek individuals) stopped a half-mile short of including the grounds surrounding the Creek Council Oak,” according to local historian David Breed quoted in a Tulsa Today editorial published at the time. (Click for the 2017 opinion).

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. yesterday said, “You can see governments that are the most progressive and dynamic governments in the world operating within the state of Oklahoma, and those are the Indian nations that are here.”  The crowd cheered according to the daily newspaper.

It should be noted “progressive” is now understood culturally as making progress beyond Constitutional restrictions limiting the power of government and protecting the individual so well-meaning social engineering may occur from the top down in dictatorial control over those pesky deplorable masses.

Yes, Mayor Bynum is a proud Leftist.  Not an “idea guy, but a process guy” as he has declared.  Ideas or principles of governance and facts of history are mere chaff to be discarded in the headlong process to socialism – gateway to slavery.

As for Tulsa Today; we had a great Columbus Day and thank you for asking.

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