TPS board member urges cancer screening

Dr. Jerry Griffin, Tulsa School Board Member – District 6 announced today that he has been diagnosed with Cancer of the prostrate.  This disease is a result of his service in South Vietnam and exposure to Agent Orange.

Griffin assured Tulsans that this condition will not interfere with his duties and responsibilities as a Tulsa School Board Member.

Griffin said, “some years ago, when I was a young Marine my country sent me to the Republic of South Vietnam. I was fortunate never to be wounded.  However, it turns out there was a chemical in the air called Agent Orange – it was useful for clearing the countryside of places for the enemy to hide.  However, years later it turned out it was infamous for causing several different diseases’ – one of them cancer of the prostrate.

Griffin went on to say, “It turns out my parting gift from South Vietnam was a ticking time bomb called Agent Orange.”

Griffin went on to say, “It’s not the type of cancer that kills you – at least not right away – and I am currently undergoing treatment at St. Francis cancer center.  Initially I wanted to keep my condition a secret, but I decided I wanted to be an example – so others would be aware and take preventive action.  There should be no stigma associated with this cancer.”

Dr. Griffin underscored, “Let me be clear – The heroes are those that never made it out-of-country, and the many that left body parts on the jungle floor”.  And we should never forget those who suffer daily from PTSD, former Prisoners of War (POW) and those who are still Missing in Action (MIA).

Griffin said, “It is my hope that sharing my story will save someone’s life.  He went on to encourage all Vietnam Veterans, and other men, to get tested for this ‘silent killer’. Griffin concluded, “If my announcement saves one life then it will be worth my embarrassment of sharing this news with the community.”

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