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Analysis: Tulsa Today conducted interviews recently to sample opinions of area Democrats on the Presidential election. In short, there are two common responses. One resisted any discussion declaring generally, “Orange man bad.” Critically thinking less emotionally fragile Democrats were also hesitant to interview, but generally regard Joe Biden as an empty suit in dementia and that Kamala Harris “scared the hell” out of them.

Even among themselves and anonymously, local Democrats of all ethnic and spiritual backgrounds are not praising the Biden/Harris ticket. They also note among their party fellows an awkward silence – not talking substance, but spewing opposition insults and party talking points.

Peaceful Protester

National talk show host Dave Rubin said this morning “As most of your audience knows, I have been a lifelong Democrat. I have voted for Obama twice, I voted for Gore, I voted for John Kerry, this is the first time I ever voted for a Republican president,” the host of “The Dave Rubin Show” told “Fox & Friends.”

“But, I see Trump, basically, as the last bulwark to stop the radical left,” Rubin added.

Tulsans are talking about the Biden family corruption revelations recently from The New York Post and Tucker Carson. Each charge is documented and verified as opposed to the four-year Russian Conspiracy Masquerade financed by Hillary Clinton and executed by the politicized management levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and, no surprise, with President Obama’s encouragement if not supervision.

Ukrainian scandal players

That contrived propaganda only cost $47 million tax dollars to investigate. All of which begs the question of why Americans have allowed two distinct systems of justice – one for the powerful who never get punished and the other gets SWAT team rousting in the middle of the night with CNN coverage.

Tulsans hold the frontier spirit – no matter what happens, we can overcome. Democrats love our community, state, nation and those that do not are DINO (Democrats In Name Only) anarchists – no plan, just burn it all down. Anarchists have appeared in America before, but never before have local officials allowed them to rampage freely.

Many Tulsans are keenly aware of the humor or stupidity politics shows when it underestimates individuals. Most free citizens are eager to get on with life, engage in free enterprise and love their family. Fame isn’t a thing.

Some feel a free life is a natural evolution while others assert life a gift of God who “has entrusted us with the responsibility of preserving, developing, and perfecting it… And in spite of the cunning of artful political leaders, these three gifts from God precede all human legislation, and are superior to it.” [Frederic Bastiat, The Law]

For more humor in this election cycle, check out the Twitter link below (at least until it is censored). It’s a video parody worth your time.

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