Vertical farms grow crops in parking lots

Ideal alternative to traditional agriculture

In a good news science story The Jerusalem Post offers this morning a report on portable vertical farms that can produce fresh produce grown from shipping container sized enclosures in any urban environment, reports: “These vertical, sustainable farms were developed by Ra’anana-based Vertical Field through the use of geoponic technology, agricultural expertise and smart design. This is especially useful in “urban food deserts,” which are often lacking in available space for crop cultivation.

“The vertical farms subvert this limitation by creating vertical growing platforms to essentially farm produce on walls. These greenhouse crop-fields are portable, and are around the size of shipping containers ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet, which can fit right in a parking lot, allowing supermarkets and groceries to grow and sell their own home-grown produce right outside the door.

“The farms come with a number of other advantages over traditional farming. It’s container-like nature provides a controlled growing environment, ensuring more sterility and keeping it safe from bugs and therefore not needing pesticides. It also allows for automated crop management, which limits human contact and allows for consistent quality.

“Furthermore, it also produces less waste, as well as a 90% decrease in the amount of water needed.

“But perhaps most importantly, it isn’t limited by traditional seasons for produce, with all crops being “in season” year-round, having shorter overall growing cycles and longer shelf lives.”

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