Russia seeks actress for space

Russia’s biggest TV channel has a competition to find a woman to star in what it hopes will be the first feature film shot in space if Tom Cruise doesn’t get there first.

Partnering with Russian space agency Roscosmos, Channel One aims to find a leading lady for the movie – provisionally titled “Challenge” – which will begin filming at the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2021 according to Sky News.

She must be fit and healthy, with a clean criminal record and a “chest girth” of up to 112cm the report notes.

Further, Sky News writes, “the project is vying to pip movie star Tom Cruise to the post after he announced he would be teaming up with NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to film the first narrative feature outside the Earth’s atmosphere at around the same time.

“While the successful applicant does not have to be a professional actress, she does have to be aged between 25 and 40, stand between 150 and 180cm tall, weigh between 50 and 70kg and have a “chest girth” of up to 112cm.

“She is also required to have a clean criminal record,” which is a higher standard than required of U.S. voters. Click here for more from Sky News.

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