We must know the true vote

Analysis: Voter fraud cannot exist with democracy, a form of government requiring citizens to trust and cooperate.

Criminal government or totalitarian rule, on the other hand, is the hallmark of Antifa (Communists), Black Lives Matter (Marxists) and Democratic Party leaders of the past who founded the KKK and today enable urban plantations of patronage that pillage the many for the benefit of the few.

Conservatives largely ignore government for the most part as they engage in free enterprise, family, recreation, and other life affirming endeavors.

MAGA Rally Nov 14, photo by Brent Wheeler

Now the national collective Conservative blind eye has been opened. After four years of slander, obstruction, malfeasance if not treason by the National Democratic Party, FBI, CIA, Big Tech and Big Media… it is a demand, prove the vote valid or civil disobedience if not civil war is likely.

For background on why 73 million Americans don’t trust the current vote tallies, John Daniel Davidson writing for The Federalist notes: “…scores of Republican poll challengers in Michigan filed sworn affidavits claiming tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots were counted for Biden in Detroit… in Philadelphia, poll watchers reported how they were forcibly kept from observing the counting of absentee ballots, as required under state law.

“Not all the reports of ballot-counting skullduggery amount to old-fashioned voter fraud, but as my colleague Margot Cleveland has noted, they’re just as important because they undermine the integrity of an election just as much as, say, thousands of dead people voting.

MAGA Rally Nov 14, photo by Brent Wheeler

“Even more egregious than voter fraud (and harder to redress) are cases where election bureaucrats or activist judges simply ignored restrictions that GOP legislatures had passed into law. In Pennsylvania, the state supreme court brushed off rules set by lawmakers and extended a deadline for when absentee ballots could be received. Extending deadlines for absentee ballots is of course an invitation to break election laws—especially in Philadelphia, a city with a long history of ballot-stuffing and bribing election judges.

“In other states, the corruption of election integrity was voluntary. In Georgia, the state government settled a lawsuit in March with a cadre of Democratic Party groups that changed the rules for accepting mail-in ballots. Instead of the signature on the ballot having to match the signature on the voter rolls, it only had to match the signature on the mail-in ballot application. You don’t need to be a sophisticated election thief to figure out how to get a fraudulent ballot counted under such rules.” Click here for more from The Federalist.

Pro-Trump Eyewitness Report

MAGA Rally Nov 14, photo by Brent Wheeler

Tulsan Brent Wheeler was in Washington D.C. this weekend filming events and reported on Facebook he witnessed attacks on Trump supporters, “Got to see the President and 500,000 plus Trump supporters.. maybe a million.. a bunch! No violence, everyone was great and met a lot of people from all over the Country who believe the election is being stolen.

“…we’re eating dinner in a upscale $30/plate + restaurant right off Freedom Park..Right as it got dark…a mob of 200 Antifa & BLM terrorist came by and started beating some people outside and threw gas in the eyes of a man just standing outside the restaurant court yard! I was inside just about to get our food and people started running inside and a guy came in bleeding and couldn’t see..I sat my camera down and sat the guy down in a chair and poured water and milk in his eyes to wash out the gas..He was bleeding on his head too..Then the group went to Freedom square and started fires. A mob from the restaurant chased them and then about 100 police showed up and got crazy really fast! The police kept the mob from the restaurant from beating the Antifa mob… separated the groups by a city block. I am fine, just a lot of excitement tonight. I did learn that these Antifa & BLM gangs are out to hurt… that’s it. Unprovocked …terrorist thugs.”

Anti-Trumpers fire on dinners. Reuters/Guardian

Tulsa Today will report further on Wheeler’s observations soon.

The Anti-Trump Mob Says

We are also on the email list of the other side, Antifa and BLM who from their protest umbrella organization wrote on the same encounter, “A small group of protesters righteously stood up to the fascist thugs who had gathered for the “Million MAGA March” in a Trump-supported action described by RefuseFascism.org’s Sunsara Taylor as “an outrageous and illegitimate attempt to overturn the election.” As soon as these courageous protesters began non-violently gathering shortly after 11:30 am near Freedom Plaza, they were set upon by misogynist MAGA goons. @SunsaraTaylor told the Guardian, Trump’s “mob of supporters descended on us as soon as we set off. They assaulted some of us. They grabbed. They shoved. Every single person had hands put on them by multiple MAGA meatheads, but we held it together. We marched together. We chanted: ‘Trump pack your shit!’”

Guess which narrative the Washington Post and other legacy media reported. Yes, bullies always play the victim when confronted. Wheeler has film footage of the encounter we will soon help him share.

This dispute must be settled with legal and only legal votes counted.

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