Had it all and burned it down for “love”

Martin Shkreli, 2000 (Photo: NYPost)

As the most obvious election fraud of 2020 showed media and big tech censorship of The New York Post reporting on the treasonous crimes of Joe Biden and family, we have been promoting and enjoying regular readership of the Post.

Unexpected was the humor and robust opinion in this piece for the Holidays that is most likely to bring a smile, Maureen Callahan crafted, “At least you didn’t fall in love with Martin Shkreli in 2020” and it should pale any personal disappointment of the year or decade for that matter.

You remember Martin Shkreli, “Pharma Bro” who jacked up prices sometimes overnight in obscene profiteering on HIV and other health critical drugs. In this story, the “reporter” lost everything for nothing. 

Callahan writes in part:

Christie Smythe (Photo: Elle.com)

People, we have been given a great gift during this darkest of holiday seasons. No matter how badly your life has been upended, take heart in rubbernecking through this incredible story of bad decision after bad decision, of a young woman who had it all — the Park Slope apartment, the financier husband, the coveted high-profile media job — and then blew up her entire life over Martin Shkreli.

Falling in love with him, she says, was like “slowly boiling yourself to death in the bathtub.”

This most amazing piece in Elle magazine, titled “The Journalist and the Pharma Bro,” is the literary equivalent of our current reality TV instant-classic “Love After Lockup.” But unlike that franchise, whose protagonists are often without cars, credit lines or many of their original teeth, this story has — had — a woman who Had It All.

The Couple (Photo: Elle.com)

Then she burned it all down.

Click here to read Maureen Callahan in The New York Post, “At least you didn’t fall in love with Martin Shkreli in 2020” which also updates the Elle story with public reaction.

Yes, Virginia, our lives show much better judgement, but what do you expect of media? Present company excepted of course.

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