Prove the vote or conflict will grow

Editorial: America’s top equivocator, Chief Justice John Roberts is reportedly worried that if the Supreme Court upholds the Constitution, riots will happen. He is a fool: riots are underway by the Left, mentally ill and criminals.

The Right doesn’t riot, we organize then go to war.

The preponderance of evidence shows President Trump won reelection in a landslide of legal votes. Illegal votes must not be counted – no exceptions.

President Donald J. Trump late Tuesday, in a video media ignored and tech suppressed, said it is his most solemn duty to protect our “sacred right to vote.”

That is fact. We are citizens under the equal application of law (supreme of those being the Constitution) or we are slaves controlled by criminals. If crime does not have consequences then there is no law, no order, no peace, no government of the people thus reason would suggest each person make their own law or not as they see fit, can lie about, and/or are elite enough to avoid. Is this that country?

This is not acceptable to the Right. This is not what our fathers for generations fought to defend. If allowed this would be such a basic abuse of our rights in violation that real war is possible. The Left has long demanded compromise after setting extreme positions. Time for compromise is past.

We do not accept illegal voting. If Republicans can’t hold the line for truth and justice then they must be removed individually or as a party. Rule lawfully or be damned. Democrats started this, citizens must end it with or without the Republican Party.

Here is a link to President Trump’s Tuesday address: if this link becomes blocked, please let us know by email at or our contact us page on this site.

President Trump said, “Americans must be able to have complete faith in the confidence of their elections. The fate of our democracy depends upon it… Now is the time for the American people to raise their voices and demand that this injustice be immediately corrected. Our elections must be fair, they must be honest, they must be transparent, and they must be 100 percent free of fraud.”

December 9 at the Republican Men’s Club of Tulsa, this writer was honored to give the public prayer and it included, in part, the following:

America was founded on Your principles, truth, honor, civic morality, and individual freedom.  Today, mighty Lord, by your awesome grace, forgive our failings, strengthen our resolve, and restore our nation.

We are betrayed by Hollywood culture, technology titans and pretty-faced scribes of disinformation. They load upon us unendurable burdens they themselves do not lift a finger to bear. They legislate infamous laws, issue tyrannical decrees, refuse justice to the unfortunate, and cheat the poor among your people of their rights. They make widows their prey and rob orphans of opportunity.

Protect us from elected leadership that elevate process over principle, image over substance, and political power over righteousness. Rescue us Yahweh come quickly and help us. Shame and dishonor on those who betray the freedom and liberty you give us individually.  Disgrace on those who enjoy our national misfortune.

The Navarro Report titled, “The Immaculate Deception, Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities” provides a matrix of significant irregularities that occurred across all six battleground states and across all six dimensions of election irregularities.

Click here to read the full report.

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