America First: A Retrospective

OP/Ed: As President Trump prepares to leave the White House to close this term, it’s appropriate to take a look back at the most consequential presidency in history. Before that fateful day at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015, Donald Trump was a billionaire real estate mogul, the star of a highly rated reality show and largely beloved by the public and the media. Who knows if he suspected it or not, but that was all about to change.

He didn’t need this. Donald Trump didn’t need to run for president. He had an opulent lifestyle, a profitable real estate empire, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he had even been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He has a large successful family and a supermodel wife. Why would anyone risk all of that?

He saw the nation that he loved on the skids and Donald Trump put his world on the line to right that ship. Did he know that the elitist class (both parties) had long failed their sworn oaths of office? Did he know that the justice system was not just and law applied selectively? Did he know that law enforcement and international intelligence would conspire to betray the Constitution? Did he know how various corrupt state governments would not be held to account for bold public crimes? Did he know that media had devolved into propaganda absent fact and contrary to truth? Probably not.

Maybe he thought that, since he was a media darling that he would sweep in and everyone would love him as they always had. If that was the case, he sorely misjudged it.

From day-one, the media bashed the future president, calling Trump’s comments about illegal aliens racist – untrue. They claimed he mocked a disabled reporter – untrue and the latter incident inspired Brandon Straka, a former Liberal Democrat, to begin the #WalkAway campaign, which has since collected millions of followers. But it didn’t stop there.

After Trump was elected, there was a constant drumbeat of scandal throughout the media from the most inane and malicious to pure evil. Everything he did was interpreted in the most negative way.

Remember “Donald Trump got two scoops of ice cream when everyone else only got one?” Or “Trump dumped a whole box of fish food into the koi pond” when he was simply following suit with what Japanese PM Shinzo did? How about the “very fine people” hoax after Charlottesville? Yes, Trump did say that there were very fine people on both sides, but he also said, “I’m not talking about the Neo Nazis and white supremacists. Those people should be condemned, totally.” But guess which part got all the attention and which was left on the cutting room floor? Paragraph after paragraph could be written on each instance. In fact, a Harvard study concluded that 93% of the media’s coverage of the President was negative. But it all pales in comparison to the Russia Hoax.

“Russia!” cried Rachel Maddow (who later admitted in court to regular dishonesty). “Russia!” cried Don Lemmon. “Russia!” cried Chuck Todd. “It’s worse than Watergate! This is grounds for impeachment,” cried every Democrat at every turn.

In comes Robert Meuller and his team of Elitist Democrat Hack-tivist lawyers to jam up President Trump for years and suck up tens of million in taxpayer money for a report that said they couldn’t find a thing with which to charge the president.

In spite of this major setback, it looked like Maddow was crying on camera as she read the news, the Democrats and their media sycophants continue to gaslight the public to this day. Suffice it to say information came out through drips and drops of declassified documents and testimony on Capitol Hill that the entire thing was a baseless hoax orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as Saul Alinsky taught her and yes, former-President Obama knew it.

In spite of these attacks, the constant threat of impeachment, the irrationally emotional “Orange Man Bad” narrative of media and obstruction by Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans, President Trump racked up an impressive number of victories throughout his term.

In his first weeks in office, President Trump began slashing regulations. Trump and the GOP cut taxes and offered tax breaks for those companies to repatriate their funds squirreled away overseas. In turn, the economy kicked into high gear. The stock market roared to life and companies began to expand and hire more people. New businesses sprang up all over the country, including those owned by minorities. The Trump tax cuts reduced rates across the board but those who benefited most were the middle and lower classes, regardless of what the Democrats and the media told the people. The result was the lowest unemployment numbers in recorded American history. Across every race, ethnicity and demographic, the record low numbers were astounding.  Unemployment numbers combined with a booming stock market and a swelling GDP caused CNBC anchor Jim Cramer to declare, “these are the best numbers of our lives.”  

Trump secured the border. It took him a while, too long for most of us, but Trump was able to finagle funds from the Department of Defense and after overcoming numerous court challenges, construction on the border wall commenced in late summer and fall of 2019 and, according to NewsMax, 450 miles of fencing would have been completed by the end of 2020. However, with President Trump leaving office and the arrival of the next administration, border security is in question and the wall’s completion is in jeopardy.

The prevailing wisdom in Washington DC was that “no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world was possible” until Palestine is given what it wants. Those were sentiments expressed in 2016 by then Secretary of State John Kerry. Donald Trump thumbed his nose at such “wisdom.”

The Abraham Accords marks a stunning reversal in Middle East policy. Negotiated by President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the peace treaty normalized relations between Israel and four other Arab nations: Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain and the UAE. Detractors say that these are small fish and relations were basically normal anyway. Again, Trump’s detractors lie.

For decades, American Presidents have promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s rightful capitol. For decades, all of them failed to do so until President Trump. He recognized the Golan Heights, an area essential to its defense, as Israeli territory. It was also no small favor he did for the diminutive nation by pulling the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

While we still have troops spread over the globe, much of the fighting has stopped. When Donald Trump came into office, he removed the handcuffs from our military and allowed them to engage ISIS fighters and they quickly wiped the caliphate off the map.

He withdrew the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal and imposed harsh sanctions on the number one financier of world terror – the ones who chant, “Death to America.” The President also showed restraint by calling off an attack in retaliation for Iran downing one of our drones when he found out that there would be a loss of life and he likely averted a war.

The President gave the orders to take out Iranian General/terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. After that, he began withdrawing troops from various theaters including Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan but Trump was stymied late last year when outgoing Syrian envoy James Jeffrey admitted in an interview that he was “playing shell games to not make clear how many troops we had there.” Donald Trump is the first US president since Gerald Ford who has not started a new military conflict. 

There are many more that aren’t mentioned here like Operation Warp Speed that are notable and worthy of praise, but you will never hear them from the left-wing corporate media who engaged in election manipulation. The media only covered factitious “scandals” and never successes. In contrast they covered up actual scandals/crime by Democrats. At the end of the today, Joe Biden will be the new Commander-in-Chief and we can only look back in awe and forward with trepidation.

Godspeed, President Trump. Thank you and… watch your back. We will continue to pray for you and we know they will be coming for you as they are coming for each of us absent justice and contrary to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America.

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  1. Jerry Camp

    Good job…wonderful treatise on a president who, I firmly believe, will be treated better by history than he was by his contemporaries.

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