No apolitical classroom

A new Prager University video warns of what is happening in the Tulsa Public School System and many others. The introduction notes: “The three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – have taken a back seat to a fourth. R. Max Eden, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explains what that fourth R is, and why it’s so destructive.”

As long as the censors at YouTube, Facebook and other Leftist controlled propaganda outlets limit, Tulsa Today will feature their selected videos. We are not affiliated directly, but as First Amendment Advocates we know censorship kills people (after it kills freedom and justice) and censorship is happening today in a purge of patriots by Big Media, Big Tech, Big Government (swamp folk) and Big Business.

The topic in the video covers how America’s national evil begins in the classroom inflicted on children and without specific parental awareness. Click here to go directly to the referenced video which also contains a link to facts / sources of significance including in part:

  • In response to the officer-involved death of George Floyd, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) recently described its mission to “become actively anti-racist”: “We are living at a time of obscene inequities and merely trying to compensate is not enough. Equity is more than making things more accessible and AASA’s work on equity must go further and become actively anti-racist. The perpetual traumas of inequality and discrimination manifest as more than the acts themselves, taking a significant toll on the mental health and well-being of all those impacted. Now is the time for all educational leaders to intensify our commitment to address inequities and work to dismantle systemic racism.”
  • Like the AASA, many key entities and figures shaping public education have embraced the “anti-racist” doctrine. The anti-racism doctrine demands that white people accept that their behavior is either implicitly or explicitly racist. “Being antiracist is different for white people than it is for people of color,” reads the National Museum of African American History & Culture’s statement on “Being Antiracist.” “For white people, being antiracist evolves with their racial identity development. They must acknowledge and understand their privilege, work to change their internalized racism, and interrupt racism when they see it.”
  • The National Committee on Social Studies has vowed to “flood our children with counter messages…until there is no racial inequality in economic opportunity, no racial inequality in education, no racial inequality in incarceration rates, and no brutality from police and others.”
  • Education Week’s “Classroom Q&A” blog tells teachers that “As Ibram X. Kendi (the author of “How to Be an Anti-Racist”) would say, there is no ‘not racist.’ There is only racist and anti-racist. Your silence favors the status quo and the violently oppressive harm it does to black and brown folk everywhere.”

Again, here is the link to the video, “There Is No Apolitical Classroom” and you may click here for the main page of If you spend the 5 minutes to view, you will further understand why Tulsa Today often refers to public education teachers as government workers – in case you missed how their union stampeded Oklahoma elected officials and harmed our children during Covid-19.

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