Cuomo brothers’ systemic swab of fraud

Updated Editorial: A strong case of criminal election engineering could be made from the Cuomo brothers’ propaganda promotions during the 2016 campaign, four years of the Trump Administration and China Plague. Could this infamous swab of hypocrisy apply more generally to the entire National Democratic Party? At this time, it is an open question awaiting prosecution in obvious issues of Constitutional violation and criminality alleged. Ironically, a repetitive unfulfilled desire for sex may be Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s downfall.

If Democrats demonstrate by investigation and public trial that justice applies equally; America may survive the Biden Administration. If Democrats demonstrate how elite power-brokers skate responsibility while Americans suffer… expect growing damnation nationwide – sex aside.

Janice Dean, who suffered the loss of both her parents by Covid-19 exposure in a NY nursing home compares Cuomo’s sex harassment controversy to Al Capone being jailed for tax evasion. (Not to be confused with Chris Cuomo’s apparent naked background appearance in his wife’s exercise videos.)

Creepy personal questions notwithstanding it appears Gov. Andrew Cuomo murdered thousands (estimates vary, some over 13,000) New York residents, by the official order of Covid-19/China Plague victims to nursing homes that infected the most vulnerable. Apparently, Gov. Cuomo wanted hospital space for paying customers, driving those dependent on public healthcare to the lowest level of care, while not utilizing superior Federal assistance significantly delivered by President Donald Trump.

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19 — telling them ‘we froze’ out of fear that the true numbers would ‘be used against us’ by federal prosecutors,” The NY Post quoted (click here for story).

The Post continues: “…instead of a mea culpa to the grieving family members of more than 13,000 dead seniors or the critics who say the Health Department spread COVID-19 in the care facilities with a March 25 state Health Department directive that nursing homes admit infected patients, DeRosa tried to make amends with the fellow Democrats for the political inconvenience it caused them.

“Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens), who took part in the call, told The Post on Thursday that DeRosa’s remarks sounded ‘like they admitted that they were trying to dodge having any incriminating evidence that might put the administration or the [Health Department] in further trouble with the Department of Justice.’”

Hiding facts from investigating Federal Authorities is a Federal Crime.

In June, Breitbart News reported, “[Gov.] Cuomo neglected to use medical resources made available to him by the Trump administration as part of the Empire State’s coronavirus response.

“Left-wing and partisan Democrat news media outlets regularly praised Cuomo’s conduct as governor in the context of the coronavirus outbreak, with many framing Cuomo’s approach towards combating COVID-19 as evidence of presidential capabilities. Despite framing the spread of COVID-19 as a “crisis,” Cuomo wrote a book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, during his time heading New York’s public health strategy.

“Cuomo’s memoir, ostensibly about “leadership” in times of crisis, omitted any mention of the number of nursing home deaths related to COVID-19 in New York.

“In August, Cuomo described COVID-19 as a metaphor revealing “antisemitism,” “racism,” and “anti-Latino” and “anti-immigrant fervor” he linked to Trump. Cuomo later dismissed criticisms of his COVID-19 nursing home policies as a “conspiracy,’” the news outlet reported.

As for the other Cuomo brother as host on CNN; scurrilous fabrication, misinformation, and hypocrisy rule the day, every day, for years. Maybe this Cuomo believes as Glenn Beck said Soros’ people told him, “the ship has sailed” on America as established and Christopher Charles Cuomo then is positioning for leadership under a Pravda style government media framework of wokeness absent the First Amendment in a cancel culture of single party rule. Sounds fun for him.

However, for this writer, to regularly watch these trust babies of fortune and influence swab their mafia-like hypocritical cons attacking America, I need a bottle in front of me, a frontal lobotomy or head-cold for the stench.

Tulsans who have lived under communism in Eastern Europe, Iran, Venezuela, and Vietnam have less humorous and more personal history driving fear today. They have seen this before. This is what tyranny looks like, not hideous, but photogenic smiles to your face and bullets in the back – figuratively, at least, today.

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  1. Alexandra

    I think I’ve read about this man before.
    Let’s see… haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood…humm?
    Oh wait ….I remember now, he is described in proverbs as one of the things God deems detestable.
    Yeah…I nailed it

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