To studies of OK Education, let’s add transparency

More than 70 interim studies have been approved by Senate leadership, and among them are two by Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond to study teacher credentialing and certification as well as COVID’s impact on learning outcomes and what the state can do to overcome any negative effects. Let’s hope they also consider the question of video monitoring for Oklahoma’s classrooms. If auto repair, police and pet daycare are fitted with cameras, isn’t it time to monitor what public workers are teaching our children?

As Matt Walsh said recently on FOX News Tucker Carson Show, “Teachers as government employees… working with kids, they shouldn’t get privacy or free speech.. any more than I want a bank teller – If I’m making a deposit of a lot of cash, I don’t want them to turn the cameras off and go into a back room and say, ‘I need some privacy while I do this.’”

Sen. Pugh, the Senate Education Committee chairman and member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education said, “Interim studies play a critical role in the legislative process,” Pugh said. “Two of my concerns are figuring out how to get more teachers in the classroom and getting students back on track academically after the school closures last year and virtual classes. I’m anxious to hear from educators, parents, students and other educational experts about these issues and how we can further improve our educational system while attracting more professionals to our classrooms.”

Pugh said the two studies will take place in early fall. While the teacher credentialing study will be conducted by the Senate Education Committee, the academic impact of COVID-19 will be a joint study with the House Education Committee and chairwoman, Rep. Rhonda Baker, R-Yukon. Pugh is currently seeking public input on the two issues as well as looking for administrators, teachers and other educational experts to participate in the two hearings.

Walsh on the Carson Show explained that Americans are already paying for the government to have public schools and should want to know the nature of the curriculum being taught, including controversial critical race theory and woke ideologies.

The reason Democrats denounce the use of cameras inside schools is for privacy concerns but Walsh suggested that teachers responsible for shaping small children should not expect privacy inside the classroom.

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