Sen. Dahm files bill for forensic audits

At the least, elections in America are no longer beyond any appearance of impropriety. Many believe it time to prove validity.

In response to what he described as unaddressed concerns with election irregularities across the country regarding the 2020 election, Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, announced Monday he had filed Senate Bill 7X calling for a forensic audit.

“I’ve heard from people across Oklahoma who have concerns about the loss of trust in our elections,” Dahm said. “With so many irregularities and violations of the Constitution happening across the country, the people are rightfully concerned about election integrity.”

The bill is titled the “Post-Election Forensic Audit Act of 2021” and would require a forensic audit of the November 2020 election results.

“Audits are a way to find any potential errors, whether intentional or not,” Dahm said. “Government has a responsibility to have transparency and accountability. When people believe we have neither of those regarding our elections, there is an understandable loss of trust in the system.”

The bill would require a third party to perform a forensic audit on the three largest counties in Oklahoma, the three smallest, and another three randomly selected counties.

“Oklahoma has one of the best election processes, partially because we have worked over the years to increase accountability measures such as requiring voter identification,” Dahm said.  “A forensic audit is another accountability measure we can use to make our system even better. I seriously question those who are opposed to holding the government accountable with transparency measures, and I look forward to having a vote on this bill during special session.”

The bill would require the governor, pro tempore of the Senate, and speaker of the House to appoint a third party within 30 days after the passage of the bill. The third party would then have 90 days to complete the forensic audit. Funding for the audit would be provided by Oklahoma CARES funds or ARPA funds.

“We must stand up and fight for the integrity of our elections.” Dahm said. “While I would have preferred that my previous audit and election integrity bills were heard during regular session, we now have an opportunity during this special session to address these concerns. Having secure and trustworthy elections should be a top priority, and I will continue to fight, even if others in positions of leadership oppose these necessary accountability measures.”

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