Sometimes it takes a puppy

A few years back I returned from setting up our make-shift medical clinic in El Salvador after braving washed out roads and trying to stay on the right side of MS-13 to an “incident.” I had stored a banana in my purse to enjoy on the airplane. Upon arrival in San Francisco, I was approached by a Customs agent and his cute little beagle who had alerted him to the smell of contraband—my now-consumed banana.

I only hope the beagles who gave their lives for a perverted science experiment will similarly “bust” Dr. Fauci. We all know he has done much worse: suppressed possible life-saving treatment to AIDS patients, funded dangerous “gain of function” studies making viruses more deadly, suppressed early treatment of COVID-19, promoted ineffective, toxic remdesivir to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients, and fanatically pushed for experimental mRNA “vaccines.”

Sometimes it takes a puppy.

But sometimes it takes all of us to turn back the clock from 1984. This story of a society held together by “thoughtcrimes” and “Newspeak” was supposed to be a cautionary tale to alert us to the insidious rise of totalitarianism. Sadly, apathy was the would-be overlords’ ally. Civil debate with exchange of facts and opinions based on those facts has all but disappeared. Many Americans became all too comfortable with silencing of views with which certain corners of society disagree.

Science was supposed to be the pursuit of knowledge through uncensored factual experimental or observable data. Now well-researched medical articles that challenge the party line have been “removed” from public view for unstated reasons.

The silver lining of COVID-19 is that the unscientific responses and public policies have exposed breaches of scientific integrity. It has also brought to light the assault on the patient-centered practice of medicine. This assault has been years in the making. First, the insurers called us providers. What a degrading term! We didn’t object. No matter what one’s health care skill is, we are healers, not mere service providers. Once we accepted being mere cogs, the insurers and Medicare could more easily insinuate themselves into the patient-physician relationship. Play by our rules or you don’t get paid. Purchase of physician practices by private equity firms, regulation of formularies, factory-like working conditions with patient over-bookings, and dehumanizing electronic medical records have become routine rather than a source of outrage.

The last straw may be the AMA’s most recent foray into the world of pre-Marxist ideology. With a straight face in the pursuit of equity, the AMA has released a document filled with “Newspeak”. It wants to erase the “narratives grounded in white supremacy,” “meritocracy and individualism” and use “a rich tradition of work in health equity and related fields, including critical race theory” to guide our thoughts and speech. We can no longer use the term “white paper” which of course has nothing to do with racial identity. We can no longer say vulnerable because “People are not vulnerable; they are made vulnerable.” Minority is out and BIPOC is in. We are to avoid saying “target,” “tackle,” “combat” or other terms with violent connotation when referring to people, groups or communities. Do they really think anyone is going to pay attention to such drivel?

I guess we should send this document to President Biden who said we have to keep punching at the problem of violence against women, or poor kids are just as bright as white kids or that Barack Obama was articulate and bright and clean.

The tide is turning. Toxic critical race theory and usurpation of parents’ rights was defeated in Virginia. Protests against medical tyranny are growing. States are filing lawsuits against vaccine mandates. The truth is coming out. The British Medical Journal has proudly published and spread through social media an article whose title speaks for itself: Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial. Some authorities are backing off on vaccine mandates (here and here).

And as for Dr. Fauci, he will be the next Greek mythical hero, felled by his hubris. Let’s all send him copy of Arthur Guiterman’s poem, On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness.

The tusks that clashed in mighty brawls

Of mastodons, are billiard balls.

The sword of Charlemagne the Just

Is ferric oxide, known as rust.

The grizzly bear whose potent hug

Was feared by all, is now a rug.

Great Caesar’s bust is on my shelf,

And I don’t feel so well myself.

His time is coming. 

Marilyn Singleton, M.D. J.D.

About the author: : Dr. Singleton is a board-certified anesthesiologist. She is past President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). She graduated from Stanford and earned her MD at UCSF Medical School. Dr. Singleton completed 2 years of Surgery residency at UCSF, then her Anesthesia residency at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital. While still working in the operating room, she attended UC Berkeley Law School, focusing on constitutional law and administrative law. She interned at the National Health Law Project and practiced insurance and health law. She teaches classes in the recognition of elder abuse and constitutional law for non-lawyers. She lives in Oakland, Ca. Website:; Twitter: @MSingletonMDJD.

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