OK Sen. Dahm files bills to empower sheriffs, block anchor babies

Thursday OK Sen. and candidate for US Senate, Nathan Dahm filed a trio of bills allowing Oklahoma Sheriffs to arrest FEDs and form posse in response to growing concerns over federal violations of Constitutionally protected rights, prohibiting federal officers from any gun confiscation measures, requiring federal agents to notify the sheriff before operating in their county, and allowing sheriffs to form a posse to defend their county in times of emergency or disaster or from federal overreach.  

Today Sen. Dahm filed Senate Bill 1226 to prohibit illegal alien anchor babies from receiving citizenship in Oklahoma.

It appears OK Sen. Dahm will use his final term to speak from the state to the Federal government as he campaigns for the US Senate seat currently held by Senator James Lankford and also challenged by Jackson Lahmeyer. Not to judge, but we don’t believe that has ever happened in Oklahoma and should provide a very entertaining election cycle.

In the release today, Dahm writes, “Birthright citizenship was never the intent of the 14th Amendment. We remain one of the last western civilized nations that grants citizenship to anchor babies.”

The bill requires each birth certificate for a child born in Oklahoma include the citizenship of the parents. If neither of the parents are citizens of the United States, the child will not be granted U.S. or Oklahoma citizenship.

“We should not be rewarding people with the rights of citizenship when they’ve broken our laws” Dahm said. “I continue to oppose any form of amnesty. You have plenty of choices if you want a Republican to support the dreams of foreign kids over Oklahomans, but I’ll put the people and children of Oklahoma and America first.”

The bill also clarifies that those born to U.S. citizen parents residing in Oklahoma also have Oklahoma citizenship as required in the 14th Amendment.

“Those on the left may screech at the term ‘illegal aliens,’ as they say no person should be considered ‘illegal.’ In that case we could instead refer to them as lawbreaking foreigners because that’s what they are,” Dahm said. “We can no longer afford allowing spineless Republicans to reward these lawbreaking foreigners whether on behalf of big business or in an effort to compromise with the left by selling out our country. We must secure our border and eliminate birthright citizenship. If our current ‘leaders’ refuse to step up, we in Oklahoma can use our power to take a stand. I will always fight and lead the charge whether others do or not.”

Nathan Dahm released the following statement on the gun confiscation issue:

“The Second Amendment clearly says the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It is becoming ever more evident that the current administration holds almost no regard for the Constitution or our rights. We must be proactive in protecting the people of Oklahoma against any attempts at infringements from the feds.  

I’ve heard from numerous sheriffs and constituents across this state who are concerned at the consistent ignoring of our Constitution happening by this rogue Biden regime. The Second Amendment was never solely about hunting… unless you’re referring to hunting tyrants. It was about the people being able to protect themselves against a government that would seek to disarm them. 

The full totalitarian leftist takeover of a society has always been predicated on confiscation of firearms. Thankfully in Oklahoma, we have county sheriffs that would never allow that to take place. But we must do everything possible to help them stand up for our rights. 

The Second Amendment is the provision that protects all the other rights listed in the Constitution. I’ll always continue to lead the fight to protect and expand the rights of the people, employer sheriffs, and others who are standing with us. Even if we have to stand against those in ‘leadership’ positions who bow to the pressure of being swamped by DC due to their lack of a backbone. We cannot afford to react after the fact. We must proactively stop gun confiscation from even being considered in Oklahoma.”   

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