Rep. Schiff challenged by Ronda Kennedy

Ronda Kennedy (R-CA Dist 30 )

CALIFORNIA – Ronda Baldwin Kennedy has filed as a Republican Congressional candidate for California’s 30th District and will oppose Rep. Adam Schiff. “Schiff is one of the most powerful Leftists in Congress and by far the most duplicitous and dishonest… and I’m thrilled to be the lady who finally kicks him out of Washington,” said Kennedy, an attorney and mother of six.

Schiff led the second contrived Trump impeachment ‘investigation,’ leaked classified documents, and lied DAILY about the now discredited Russia hoax,” she said.

Rep. Adam Schiff

More recently Schiff was caught red-handed selectively editing text messages between Trump aides in the bogus, partisan January 6th Investigation,” said Kennedy.  “I’m literally Adam Schiff’s worst nightmare, as I intend to hold him responsible for his litany of lies and crimes,” she said.
Ms Kennedy is a fighter.  When the County of Ventura closed gun stores during COVID, Ms. Kennedy was the attorney that filed the federal lawsuit that forced them open and on January 20, 2022 won that case, when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in her favor.

When Ventura County closed businesses a second time, business owners came to Ms. Kennedy because of her work for gun stores and their owners. She successfully defended 8 businesses against the county including Mrs. Olson’s, the Pizza Cookery and Cronies in Agoura Hills.

Ronda Kennedy

Ms Kennedy is a constitutionalist and will defend the Constitutional rights of any American regardless of political party. She, along with 12 others, is a plaintiff for a lawsuit filed by the Election Integrity Project of California, which is also before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

She is the great grand-daughter of Wisconsin’s first black State Assemblyman (Le Roy Simmons). Ms. Kennedy gives credit to her great great grandfather for joining the Republican Party at age 18. He was a run away slave who joined the Union Army as a water boy.  Ms. Kennedy’s great great aunt started the first Black bank in Wisconsin (Columbia Savings and Loans).

Ms. Kennedy worked in the entertainment industry for many years which includes five years with the Jackson family. Prior to that Ms. Kennedy was a City of Milwaukee Building inspector where she broke many glass ceilings.

Ms. Kennedy is married to Michael Kennedy, is a mother of 6 including 9 year old triplets, and a grandmother of four.  In her spare time she loves music, enjoys the company of family and friends, and is passionate about fighting for the freedom of all Americans.

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One thought on “Rep. Schiff challenged by Ronda Kennedy

  1. Mike Duncan

    Total loser-she has never received more than 10% of the vote in every election that she has been a candidate.
    Trump supporter in California won’t cut it!

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