OK AG O’Connor frees physicians’ treatments

Attorney General John O’Connor

Tuesday Attorney General John O’Connor responded to inquiries about whether an Oklahoma licensed physician is prohibited from prescribing a drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the “off-label” purpose of treating or preventing COVID-19.

The Attorney General’s office finds no legal basis for a state medical licensure board to discipline a licensed physician for exercising sound judgement and safely prescribing an FDA-approved drug – like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine – for the off-label purpose of treating a patient with COVID-19.

“I stand behind doctors who believe it is in their patients’ best interests to receive ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine,” said Attorney General O’Connor. “Our healthcare professionals should have every tool available to combat COVID-19. Public safety demands this. Physicians who prescribe medications and follow the law should not fear disciplinary action for prescribing such drugs.”

The Attorney General’s office neither condones nor condemns a specific course of treatment for COVID-19. The office maintains that proper healthcare decisions are to be made between a patient and his or her physician, and the government should not interfere with their relationship, the statement declared.

Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, and Rep. Kevin West, R-Oklahoma City, issued statements in support, noting the Attorney General’s decision, “is a significant step forward in pushing back against the medical tyranny that is occurring across not only the state but the entire country.”

Roberts said. “Doctors should not have to fear prescribing a safe and effective drug for off-label use because they know what is best for their patients. The FDA, CDC, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma Medical Licensing Board, and other governmental agencies may think they know what is best, but in reality, everyone’s health is different. Health is never one size fits all, and we shouldn’t allow our government to go after a doctor who is, in good faith and with informed consent, prescribing medicine to treat their patients. I want to thank Attorney General O’Connor and his team for stepping up and making this statement to protect the rights of doctors to treat and care for their patients as they see fit.”

“I do not think the government, or governmental agencies, should be getting in the way of patients making decisions about their own healthcare in consultation with their physicians,” West said. “I am glad that Attorney General O’Connor agrees that the individual rights of patients should not be infringed upon, and the final decision on healthcare treatments for COVID-19 should remain between a doctor and a patient, without fear of retribution from governmental agencies.”

Dr. Robert Malone, Virologist

Analysis: As Dr. Robert Malone said this week on Tucker Carlson Today, the Covid Crisis is over and what remains is a battle between collectivism vs. freedom or authoritarians vs. free folk or, as some suggest, the World Economic Forum or Party of Davos vs. Western Civilization. Dr. Malone referenced, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci” and specifically the last third of the book which details how worldwide policy authority is unified. His insights are powerful.

From a local perspective, this writer once applied for a position as Communications Officer for Tulsa County Emergency Management Authority and was stunned during the process to learn the system is designed to collapse upwards leaving no authority locally. This can be seen in public health and other government programs worldwide and is contrary to the Constitution which specifically declares our rights (and therefore personal authority over our own lives) come from “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

Thank the Constitution and Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor for recognizing individual rights and protection against government mandates.

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