NY Post: Joe Biden tied to Hunter’s business

Editorial: Regular readers of Tulsa Today know we have covered the questions of corruption by the Biden family for years. It was never really hidden that multiple Biden family members enriched themselves from Joe Biden’s public positions. That said, the NY Post Wednesday well summarized the dozen times now President Joe Biden is directly tied to his son Hunter Biden’s business – if you can call trafficking off family fame a business.

To reach that NY Post story, click here. It is a stunning collection of influence peddling crime now in the public domain. When in campaign speeches, Joe Biden would speak about never having to give his kids the “respect authority” speech because they were white, but white wasn’t ever the issue. His family wasn’t raised to respect authority because they exercised political power. Yes Virginia, there are two different “Justice Systems” in America. Sad, but true even in Tulsa.

Ukrainian scandal players

Tulsa Today reported on failures of the local justice system, for example, when writer Richard Fricker covered “Evaporating the Thralls estate” in August of 1999. In October 1999 we highlighted Tucker Carlson and Glenn Beck coverage on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden with Ukraine gas execs. January of 2020 this writer again referenced a January 2018 event where Joe Biden joined a discussion panel at the Council on Foreign Relations and admitted pressuring Ukraine to terminate Viktor Shokin in his former capacity as vice president and “point person” on Ukraine,” Click here to read the transcript of Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks via RealClearPolitics and see the undeniable video clip in evidence. If now-President Biden was not bragging then about criminal influence peddling using our tax money, we would like to know what to call it.

Again, we highly recommend careful review of the NY Post story on the dozen times Joe Biden played a role in son Hunter’s business dealings with your special attention to how long this has been going on. Is it justice or just conservatives that must follow the Rule of Law?

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