Film Festival: Breechcloth Shorts

Just when you might begin to wonder if our collective sense of humor may be missing, Quapaw Nation Presents Breechloth Shorts, a collection of short films, at the Historic Coleman Theatre, 103 North Main St., Miami, Oklahoma this coming Saturday May 7, 2022 at 7 pm.

Produced by JR Mathews with feature guests Wes Studi and Max Gail, admission is a charitable donation of $10 to the Seneca Red Feather Scholarship Fund.

Mathews told Tulsa Today, “Three different styles of film are on the ticket with Fancy Dancer (native coming of age film), How the West Wasn’t Won (collection of comedy scenes from Running on Indian Time) and Saynday (short film of a western trickster).

Wes Studi at 2018 Oscars

“This is an ongoing work to raise money to educate native citizens at Oklahoma State University,” Mathews said. “We currently have six endowed scholarships and are working toward the seventh.”

Also attending as featured guests are award winning performers Wes Studi and Max Gail both have been at the forefront of Native films and causes for many years.

Max Gail

Max Gail Jr. is an actor who starred on stage, television and film roles. He is best known for his role as Detective Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz on the sitcom Barney Miller (1975–1982), which earned him two consecutive Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominations. Gail also won the 2019 and 2021 Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Mike Corbin on the soap opera General Hospital. (Wikipedia)

Studi and Mathews in the Nebraska Public TV Mini-Series “Neblaska of the Omaha”

Wes Studi (Cherokee: ᏪᏌ ᏍᏚᏗ) is a Native American actor and film producer. He has garnered critical acclaim and awards throughout his career, particularly for his portrayal of Native Americans in film. He has appeared in Academy Award-winning films, such as Dances with Wolves (1990) and The Last of the Mohicans (1992), and in the Academy Award-nominated films Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) and The New World (2005). He is also known for portraying Sagat in Street Fighter (1994). (Wikipedia)

The event also includes an art auction of over 40 works of native American originals by various upcoming artists. All are welcome, Tickets are available and donations welcome, click here for more.

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  1. Bart Torbert

    I grew up in Tulsa, but now live in northwest Nebraska. I would like to get in contact with the person managing this event. I think that repeating this event in Rapid City, South Dakota would be a success and would help raise funds for Native oriented projects in the region.

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