T.W. Shannon: Biden Palestinian Affairs

U.S. Consulate, Jerusalem

Republican Senate candidate T.W. Shannon declared in a release today that the Biden Administration is breaking the law and betraying America’s strongest partner for peace in the Middle East.

“The Biden Administration is attempting an illegal act by proposing an Office of Palestinian Affairs in Jerusalem, in violation of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 that establishes a single U.S. embassy in the city,” Shannon said.

The Biden policy flip last Thursday is suggested as another example of the Biden Administration bolstering U.S. relations with the Palestinian Authority, despite the ongoing tensions between the Palestinians and Israel. Last year, Biden restored humanitarian aid to Palestine estimated at over $200 million. Michelle Rosenberg for The Floridian June 10 wrote, “Shortly after the restoration of aid, Hamas – the terrorist organization elected to govern the Palestinian people – carried out multiple rocket attacks aimed indiscriminately at Israeli cities.”

This move will facilitate direct dealings between the Palestinians and the U.S. State Department in Washington rather than first going through the American ambassador to Israel.

U.S. Senate Candidate T.W. Shannon

Shannon said, “This anti-Israel action undermines Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its capital, and President Trump’s courageous act to move our embassy to the holy city.

This is a shameful divisive act intended to appease radical leftists in Congress and around the world. We shouldn’t stand for it, and I join Israel in opposing it.

“The Palestinians need to recognize Israel’s right to exist before the United States gives this kind of recognition in the holiest of cities. It is wrong for the Biden Administration to challenge Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem as part of an empty gesture to radical elements,” Shannon declared.

Observers point to a possible visit by President Joe Biden to Israel and the occupied West Bank as the reason for the change. They assert this move is only a “small bureaucratic change” to placate Biden’s Socialist Democrats so they will not take away his ice-cream.

Rosenberg reported the move prompted Florida Senator Rick Scott to state that the Biden administration was “appeasing those who harbor & sponsor terrorism.”

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