AG: I Oppose Liberal Woke Policies

Attorney General John O’Connor

Before I was appointed by Governor Kevin Stitt to serve as Oklahoma’s Attorney General, my predecessor worked with the Oklahoma State Department of Health in a settlement that facilitated nonbinary birth certificates.  

I never approved or agreed with nonbinary birth certificates.  My opponent knows this, but continues to tell Oklahoma voters otherwise. 

I firmly believe that our birth certificates should have only two options: male or female, based on sex rather than self identification.

That is why, one of the first things I accomplished as Attorney General was to work closely with the Oklahoma Legislature and Governor Stitt on legislation that ended nonbinary birth certificates.  

Experts have said that our law may be the first of its kind in the entire country. The radical left have already begun their efforts to overturn our law in the courts.  As Attorney General, I have and will continue to vigorously defend our law.   

Additionally, I have taken legal action against President Biden’s Administration which is seeking to endanger our children’s privacy and safety by opening up restrooms and locker rooms to anyone based on self identity rather than biology.  

As your Attorney General, I believe in the rule of law, instead of liberal, woke policies that are ruining our country.  I will continue to be the fiercest advocate for Oklahoma laws, especially our state law that ended nonbinary birth certificates.  

Most importantly, my guiding principles of faith, family and community will always serve as my guiding light, as I serve Oklahomans.   

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