Republican Chairman lies for Bob Jack

Bob Jack being interviewed by KTUL

Updated: In the race for Tulsa County Commissioner District 3, three candidates stood for election in the primary June 28 with Kelly Dunkerley receiving 11,564 votes or 49.15%, Bob Jack gathering 8,374 votes or 35%, and Margie Alfonso with 3,314 votes or 15.26% of the total.

Bob Jack is the immediate past-Chairman of the Republican Party of Tulsa County (RPOTC) and served as Treasurer under his predecessor David McLain. Jack is the State Committeeman for Tulsa County and active on several city and county committees, but in his race, Jack repeatedly asserts he is, “Not a politician.” Technically that is true as he finished fourth out of five candidates in his previous race for state senator.

The most accurate characterization of Bob Jack is a political operative Tulsa Today has previously covered twice (click here #1 and click here #2).

The current RPOTC Chairman Ronda V. Smith was interviewed on KCFO AM 970 which uses the slogan “Talk you can trust!” for a show called Tulsa Beacon Weekend with Charley Biggs during which Smith claimed that Margie Alfonso had endorsed Bob Jack in his current race. That statement is false.

Margie Alfonso

Margie Alfonso in an exclusive interview with Tulsa Today said, “I am endorsing Kelly Dunkerley for Tulsa County Commission District 3.

“I am very comfortable endorsing Kelly. That [KCFO] statement was an egregious, ridiculous, presumptuous act on the part of Ronda and Bob. Ronda probably set that up to pressure me into endorsing Bob Jack,” Alfonso said.

“I absolutely endorse Kelly Dunkerley. I met with him. I like him and we are going to continue to meet. Let me tell you what happened on election night. I was getting up and ready to leave [the (RPOTC)] watch party and David McLain [former Chairman of RPOTC] and Bob Jack rush over to me with [a trusted Supporter who] was all excited about us endorsing Bob Jack because he said he would support [investigation] into [the effects of] 5G.

“At that time, I said I wanted to meet with both remaining candidates. Then [Supporter] said, ‘we have already made an appointment: David McLain, Bob Jack, you, and my husband and I are set to meet Tuesday,’” Alfonso said.

“I followed up before Smith’s on-air interview coincidentally to tell her that I didn’t want to meet with Bob Jack. He has double crossed me every which way. I don’t like him.

“The Bible says, ‘Do not fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.’ Bob Jack to me is the unfruitful work of darkness. I will not meet with him,” Alfonso declared.

David McLain and Bob Jack

“[Supporter] also planned to visit David McLain’s church and invited me, but I did not go. When McLain rushed over at the watch party, he was like begging me to endorse Bob Jack and it was a very sudden awkward thing as I was leaving.

“I would not endorse Bob Jack in a million years,” Alfonso added.

Margie Alfonso had planned to run for a second time in HD 79, but redistricting moved the boundaries and excluded her residence by two blocks, so she decided to run for County Commissioner. Some have said Bob Jack was involved in that boundary decision.

Alfonso said, “Jack called me and said I was too conservative and not to run in HD 79 and that he was getting Karen Gilbert (received 38.19% of primary votes) to run because she is more liberal, and he said HD 79 was going to be a more liberal district.

“I never told Jack that I would endorse him, or they would not have set a meeting for Tuesday afternoon at the watch party last Tuesday. I declined to [Supporter] before Ronda did her Saturday interview. I have had enough of Bob Jack. I told [Supporter] that she was welcome to meet with Bob Jack and David McLain, but they will double cross you in the end.”

In a future story Tulsa Today will cover in more detail the trials and tribulations of the state and county party which include the troubled tenure of David McLain, Bob Jack, Ronda V. Smith, John Bennett and others inclined to self-aggrandizement under the banner of public service.

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