But then, it gets worse… Hofmeister

Opinion: Wonder where your freedom went and when?

How is it possible that an officially indicted election criminal is running for Oklahoma Governor? In case you have not been long following events, that’s Joy Hofmeister (R then D for the win, as a political opportunist) who escaped trial and very likely prison with help by political pandering scumbag district attorney, David Prater (Dist. 7, Oklahoma County) who proves the point in Oklahoma that political corruption trials should be prosecuted outside the capital (including Washing, D.C., but I digress).

From YouTube: 171,464 views since Jun 27, 2021 the inventor of mRNA tech is sounding the alarm. So why isn’t this headline news?

Finally, Tulsa’s disgusting openly leftist, self-loathing, and bigoted newspaper, Tulsa World, again presumes to be objective. Click here for today’s top disingenuous presentation, but as you read know that their editorial board believes America is systemically racist, critical race theory is not Marxist, and only they are wise enough to discern truth.

5 thoughts on “But then, it gets worse… Hofmeister

  1. Elizabeth Perry

    I first thought that this was an article about Stitt! After all, he still won’t sign the anti corruption pledge. And, he ran a corrupt Mortgage Company that several states will not allow in their state again! Do some research on Gateway Mortgages! Also, his family is too good to live in the Governor’s mansion even after more than 2 million dollars of tax payers dollars were spent on it! I understand that we have a new HVAC, electrical system, plumbing, roof, windows and a all new kitchen! He said that there was mold! Do you think that after all that work not one contractor noticed that!?

  2. Mike Wallens

    Why do people want to teach racism in schools? CRT is exactly that and the continuance of it’s spread will further increase racial hatred in this society.

  3. Lee Taylor

    It should be no more years for Stitt, a governor who despite being an enrolled member of th Cherokee nation, has managed to alienate the tribes.
    He’s shown an inability to manage by his selection of the Oklahoma’s education commissioner, a man who has worked to undermine public education in the state.
    Most egregiously he has misspent federal Covid19 funds while refusing to sign an anti corruption pledge signed by all the others running in Oklahoma.

  4. David Brown

    This was a Dumb rant. This idiot can’t give 1 example of anyone teaching critical race theory in Oklahoma. Just a lot of hot air.

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