Oklahoma Trigger Warning

No Leftist Endorsed

Opinion: Wokenistas or those traumatized by critical thinking should not read these opinions. Those who worship power politics, man or nature should turn away. Any who believe politicians, legacy media and authoritarian bureaucracies are focused on the best interest of the people – please read other stories. This writing may trouble those little pea-picking hearts to the point they may call for safe space and aroma therapy.

However, for most Oklahomans that believe in Nature or Nature’s God, critical thinking, science, objective reality, historical fact, honor, loyalty, and a peaceful and prosperous future for our people – please consider these endorsements for election in Oklahoma and pray statesmen will win. The final poll on Oklahoma races, released Friday November 4, follows the endorsements.


Governor: Kevin Stitt (R)

Lt. Governor: Matt Pinnell (R)

Attorney General: Lynda Steele (L)

Treasurer: Todd Russ (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ryan Walters (R)

Commissioner of Labor: Will Daugherty (L)

Corporation Commissioner: Kim David (R)

Governor Kevin Stitt (R) and his family have been abused shamelessly by dark money propaganda and lying DemoRats. Stitt has been accused by media tools desperate to dust up scandal. Stitt has done what he said he would do and is improving Oklahoma’s economy despite national headwinds. He kept our state economy open during the covid panic and is injecting $700 million new federal dollars in rural and urban hospitals beginning in 2023. Stitt supports life from conception to natural death, individual liberty for our people, and has banned foreign nationalists from buying Oklahoma land. He will not close rural schools.

Kevin Stitt stands in direct contrast to the disingenuous Joy Hofmeister, (now D) who has failed miserably as State School Superintendent. She is funded in majority by corrupt casino and cannabis money desperate to prevent common sense reform. They have poured $20+ million into the race. Hofmeister is an indicted election criminal excused by a political pandering district attorney and the details of her disgrace have been covered in detail by “How to Steal a State.” Hofmeister advocates open borders, sanctuary cities, vaccines, and transgenderization of children regardless of parental knowledge or consent.

Lt. Governor: Matt Pinnell (R) while his office is small and authority limited, Pinnell is effective, and energetic in promoting Oklahoma. Many hope he will gain added policy responsibilities in his expected next term.

Attorney General: Lynda Steele (L), while Gentner Drummond won the GOP nomination, his dark money sources (casino and tribal) parallel Hofmeister. He has not been seen much on any campaign trail (not likely in a basement, but may simply be enjoying the Riviera) but, again, “How to Steal a State” has details of his campaign finance questions. Steele appears sincere and competent and could be the most independent voice in statewide office if elected. Tulsa Blogger Bates suggests her as a protest vote – I’m inclined to support on merit.

Ryan Walters @ Collinsville Chamber of Commerce candidate forum

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ryan Walters (R) If Oklahoma parents love their kids, Waters is the best candidate to insure children will not be indoctrinated in race hatred or gender fluidity and most importantly Walters has and will stand against the industrial educational complex in Oklahoma to push funding directly to the teachers in the classroom. Of course, the teacher associations (union stooges) hate him, but parents celebrate his efforts to focus the top-heavy administrations on teaching English, science, and math. What a concept.

Commissioner of Labor: Will Daugherty (L) Political Bates writes, “The incumbent Labor Commissioner, Leslie Osborn, has expressed her loathing for conservatives and their values, despite the R by her name; I wouldn’t be surprised if she follows Hofmeister and switches parties to run for governor as a Democrat in 4 years.” In this many agree.


US Senate (unexpired term): Markwayne Mullin (R)

US Senate (full term): James Lankford (R)

1st Congressional District: Kevin Hern (R)

2nd Congressional District: Josh Brecheen (R)

3rd Congressional District: Frank Lucas (R)

While Republicans may not have all the answers, Democrats nationally are the problem. I suggest the Democrat Party may be a criminal enterprise if not treasonous. They can invert, dissemble, and distract faster than Republicans can discover truth but, in short, Democrats are damned for:

  1. The Biden war on energy is killing the economy.
  2. Not caring a welfare state with an open border will collapse.
  3. Vaccines that do not vaccinate from companies immune from liability mandated by a government hiding adverse effects… is killing young people not at significant risk for COVID.
  4. Releasing violent criminals without bail which kills civilians and increases crime.
  5. Provoking world events dangerously close to nuclear war.

District Court:

Kevin Gray and family

District 14 District Judge, Office 12: Kevin Gray (R) May be one of the best people to be a judge, in addition to the detail here (click for a full story) Gray and his wife are foster parents providing a unique positive perspective to help, as judge, families in crisis.

State Legislature:

State House 79: Paul Hassink (R) is a businessman running against an established Democrat totally backing her national party’s agenda and ineffective as a minority gadfly in the State Legislature. She does support gender transition of minors.

Tulsa County:

Tulsa County Assessor: John Wright (R)

Tulsa County Commissioner District 1: Stan Sallee (R)

Supreme Court retention:

Dustin P. Rowe: YES

James R. Winchester: NO

Dana Kuehn: YES

Douglas L. Combs: NO

Court of Civil Appeals retention:

Stacie L. Hixon: YES

Gregory C. Blackwell: YES

John F. Fischer: NO

Barbara G. Swinton: NO

Thomas E. Prince: YES

The justice system in Oklahoma is difficult to know. All lawyers, judges and the people who monitor them share the same path and burden – a law degree. They are a self-selecting group who spent considerable time and money in pursuit of a monopolistic cash flow that advantages themselves over everyone else. They are trained and certified to argue black is white depending on who pays them. While there are many attorneys of honor, honesty, and courage, if the old law school saying is correct that “justice stops at the courthouse steps and only law precedes therein” then how can the public establish visible signs of justice within the system so named for it that public taxes fund?

Tulsa City Council:

District 5: Grant Miller (L)

District 6: Christian Bengel (R)

District 7: Ken Reddick (R)

“Council races are officially non-partisan and with any luck at all, east and southeast Tulsa voters to elect all three of these conservative challengers, to defeat the left-wing incumbents, in order to have even the beginnings of a conservative voice at City Hall,” Bates opined.

The warning at the beginning of this piece referring to Wokenistas identifies individuals demanding total acceptance of Leftist ideology, the total destruction of free enterprise (without explaining what could replace it) and attacking in every conceivable way any who may disagree. The link with the graphic above includes video where City Council Wokenistas self-identify.

Every vote counts. Please bring your friends, family, in-laws, and out-laws registered to vote next Tuesday November 8, 2022. The fate of our nation, state and city depends on it.

Oklahoma is historically a populist dominated state. It is expected that foundational belief will be reflected in Tuesday’s voting. As Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote in an opinion piece for The Epoch Times, “The Switcheroos of the 2 parties summarizing, “the party of old left-wing progressives has become one of rich regressives and once country-club Republicans are becoming a party of middle-class populists. The election will reflect both those changes.”

The final poll of Oklahoma voter preferences released by Tomahawk Strategies Friday follows:

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    Thanks Linda for writing. That is why the first word in the piece says, “Opinion” and the writer appreciates your opinion that the opinion is the most opinionated you have read in a “long, long time.” You are very kind.

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    This is the most opinionated article I’ve seen in a long, long time. I sounds more like something put out by a press agent than an actual unbiased report.

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