Lobbyist J.C. Watts outed as tool 

Campaign Report: In planned November campaign surprises, former Oklahoma elected officials J.C. Watts and Gary Jones have come out supporting Joy Hofmeister (elected first R now running D) for Oklahoma Governor. This is how the Republican Party in Oklahoma has failed… from unquenchable greed and addiction to fading fame.

Jones, currently serves as City Manager for Altus, Oklahoma. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority and previously served as Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector for 8 years from 2011-2019. Jones served a four year term as a Comanche County Commissioner and was once Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party. He knows how to play power politics in Oklahoma – Tulsa Today has covered him for years. Sadly, it appears Jones’ judgement has fallen to self interest or political pandering.

V1SUT Vantage has the details on J.C. Watts in a scathing report that asks, Did Cherokees, Cannabis or Paycom Pay Dark Money Lobbyist J.C. Watts to Endorse Hofmeister?

The report begins:

“In a not surprising and meticulously timed November surprise, former Congressman J.C. Watts (well-known RHINO) endorsed Joy Hofmeister (D) for governor. Watts’ praise of Hofmeister for her “faith and integrity” is tough to take seriously once you learn that the ad where he made his endorsement, and Watts himself, are connected to several groups and industries trying to oust Stitt. You can practically smell the money changing hands in this charade.

“The political endorsement ad was sponsored by cannabis funded PAC Imagine This Oklahoma. The V1SUT Vantage has reported extensively on shell PAC Imagine This Oklahoma.

“After missing required OEC reporting deadlines by as much as two months, this shady PAC created by Danielle Ezell of Heartland Campaigns and Mattise Group, under public pressure brought by this publication, constituents and State Representative Justin (JJ) Humphrey (R), finally revealed its funder, Oklahoma Forward.

Oklahoma Forward, also the majority funder of The Oklahoma Project, another Hofmeister helping PAC, appears to be all cannabis money funneled through pot attorney Brian Ted Jones. In all, Oklahoma Forward has contributed $6.4 million to these two Stitt-bashing entities.

J.C. Watts and The Steal Team go way back. Watts sold Oklahoma out long ago.

“If you’ve read the How to Steal a State series from the beginning, you know Watts as mentor to Chad Alexander, coordinator of Hofmeister’s 2014 dark money OPSE. Alexander’s arrest related to cocaine and pills resulted in the seizure of his devices. Those devices revealed Hofmeister and the education unions were illegally coordinating dark money with the help of several unscrupulous political consultants, including Alexander. The OPSE scandal and investigation resulted in felony charges being brought against Hofmeister and four others.”

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