Tulsa School Board election tomorrow

Editorial: Are you happy with the highest cost and lowest preforming public education district in Oklahoma? Asking for a friend who pays taxes. Do you like highly paid administrators dictating programs and spending your taxes without public oversight?

How bad does the Tulsa Public School System have to get before we begin to object to unionized workers indoctrinating children? Can we ever return to the basics of education, common cultural normality, and honoring individual student merit? Tulsa’s School Board District 1 (West Tulsa) voters will decide Tuesday.

In this election, the establishment is represented by Stacey Woolley an incumbent and current Chair of the Board of Education is opposed by Jared Buswell, a parent advocate challenger.

“There’s really just a small core group of people that are kind of blocking the rest of the community from being able to have influence and a voice on our public schools, and the opponent I’m running against is one of them,” Buswell tells local media adding, “accountability, transparency, and fair representation on the board are important priorities.”

Woolley said, “I would agree that there is dysfunction amongst our board right now, but that’s why we continue to work.” Reports note Woolley would be “disappointed” to step away from progress in what she calls “the middle” of her journey.

How many students will be sent unprepared into life before Woolley can make progress remains an open question.

Tulsa Today endorses Jared Buswell for Tulsa School Board District 1.

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