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It is apparent in a story from V1Sut that citizens of Oklahoma must act locally to save our communities from those that deny God by claiming they are God. Ignoring objective reality and science, Self-Gods cannot tolerate faith in anything other than themselves. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faithful may disagree on a great deal, but all believe in a higher power. No faith believes God makes mistakes including gender creation. From this story, we know there can be no common ground with Self-Gods. Will citizens of Bartlesville, Oklahoma stand to be heard or cower to immorality? What is Bartlesville’s community standard? We will know Monday night. Tulsa may take a bit longer.

The latest from V1Sut outlines how Bartlesville City Council Members promised citizens an ordinance banning adult entertainment in public spaces with children present. But after 120 days, “Bartlesville City Attorney Jess Kane is more concerned with avoiding litigation than protecting the innocence of children in his community,” the author writes.

The story does not focus on the Bartlesville Police Department, but that is the first evil we see. Local law enforcement (including Washington County Sheriff Deputies) did not stop an obscene public drag-show in an open air space in the center of town in front of children. The “performers” should have been arrested on the spot. The “show” is clearly obscene and V1Sut includes video proving the point by any Oklahoma community standard, but Tulsa based Oklahomans for Equality (“OKEQ”) denies offense and, in private negotiations, apparently convinced Kane they had deep-pockets, bad attitudes, and would make litigation both expensive and time consuming. Does Kane believe Oklahoma Law can be disregarded at his pleasure to ignore the worship of perversion?

Click here to read the entire shocking but compelling story on V1Sut Vantage.

This writer suggests the Bartlesville City Council will delay any final resolution as cowardly elected officials are prone to do. The steady drumbeat is heard in Tulsa as more are trained to battle.

In Tulsa a “welcoming resolution” was proposed (reported February 23) by Tulsa City Councilor Laura Bellis who said, “It really does list every identity possible related to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, [and] nation of origin.”

A critical thinker might question if “every identity possible” includes the baby-porn and snuff-film addicts? We hope it a small a population, but we don’t know how large the LGBTQ community (assuming that is one united group) may be.

Gays against Groomers, a “coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQIA+” would be a group against, but we don’t know how many of their members reside in the Tulsa area or if they feel secure enough within the LGB community to speak out on topic. The “Q” represents “Questioning.” That is largely for youth orientation.

Youth question the time of day (especially if their parents declare it) so are people of faith giving up youth? What about a city resolution encouraging or requiring children under legal age to spend the same amount of time with a priest, pastor, rabbi or imam as they spend being indoctrinated by the gay community. 

Tulsans can be grateful that Tulsa City Councilor Christian Bengel is against the resolution.

“For you to oppress somebody or attack somebody because they’re different than you, no one should have to tolerate that crap” Councilor Bengel told KTUL while adding in regard to the resolution “My opposition to this is kind of repetitive.”

Bellis said she’s received emails from supporters and opponents,”The majority of the ones in opposition are not from within my district nor from within Tulsa.” It seems Bellis doesn’t read Tulsa Today and speaks with few constituents.

The battle to legitimize Self Gods will proceed as GLAAD (acronym of Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) visited the Dennis R. Neil Equality Center to speak and train dozens of activists on how to speak to the media while “fighting anti-LGBTQ and anti-equality bills” otherwise known as objective science and moral sanity standards bills.

GLADD Media Training in Tulsa. The screen shows, “WHO ARE THE MOVEABLE MIDDLE”

“I have to interact with people seeking information all the time. Just in the limited amount of work that we’ve been able to do together, I’ve been able to refine and hone my messaging,” Dorothy Ballard, executive director of Oklahomans for Equality (OKEQ) told KTUL. “What was most moving to me is seeing the light bulb moments across people in attendance today, and them going ‘Aha I can do this!’ There is a lot that’s overlooked or neglected here.”

We can just hope this hyperbolic hormone altered victim claiming group of Self Gods stay peaceful.

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