Tulsa August Rental Activity Jumps

Renting is now the new buying, thanks to Bidenomics, as high home prices and the peak rental season bring out more renters looking for apartments. But, which cities are seeing the most listing activity and attracting the most attention from apartment hunters?

For the first time ever, Tulsa has entered the list of the top 30 most popular cities for renters, after climbing a remarkable 48 places since last month. This month it ranks 28th, surpassing much bigger renter hubs, such as Manhattan, NY, in terms of popularity. 

The following metrics propelled Tulsa into the ranks of the most sought-after rental hubs this month: 

  • In August, renters added 83% more Tulsa listings to their favorites list compared to this time last year, which indicates their growing interest for this city. 
  • Apartment hunters viewed 20% more Tulsa listings over the same time frame.
  • The competition got fiercer here, with an 18% decrease in available units compared to the previous year, which also suggests a high demand.
  • Raleigh and Greensboro. In comparison, Oklahoma City occupies the 22nd place in the South.
  • On a regional level, Tulsa ranks 9th among Southern cities, sandwiched between two North Carolina rental hubs: Raleigh and Greensboro. In comparison, Oklahoma City occupies the 22nd place in the South

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The average rent for an apartment in Tulsa is $925 per month. The cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality. By popular neighborhood, apartment prices range from $835 in East Tulsa to $1,462 in Downtown Tulsa. 

The neighborhood specific list follows:

  • Downtown Tulsa $1,462
  • Midtown Tulsa $857
  • West Tulsa $1,034
  • East Tulsa $835
  • Blue Dome District $1,321
  • Brookside $860
  • Burning Tree $1,028
  • Florence Park $1,236
  • Hampton South $1,028
  • Riverview $1,224

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