GOP State Committee Called

Updated: Tuesday, GOP State Vice Chairman Wayne Hill called an official meeting of the State Committee for January 27th in Oklahoma City.

Beginning his call with notice that the “State Committee is the supreme authority of the State GOP,” Hill notes an internal struggle in Oklahoma’s Congressional District 3 and apparent betrayals by GOP elected officials. Hill writes, “Our ‘Republican’ Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, Leslie Osburn, supports LGBTQ ideology and chaired an organization indoctrinating our children. Our ‘Republican’ US Senator, James Lankford, worked on language for a bill with Chuck Schumer to allow more illegals into our country and further compromise our border.”

Hill further explained on, “The mechanism we use to make decisions is through State Committee meetings. Each member has the right to bring motions and written motions (resolutions) to the meetings, where the committee can debate and vote. What passes the State Committee is the official position of the OKGOP. We met at the joint call of myself and the Chairman in July, where the Chairman laid out dates for quarterly meetings. We met in October, but unfortunately, the Chairman did not call the meeting that had been scheduled for January 13th.

“In our state rules, it says that each member has a “sacred and inviolate” right to “participate in the official affairs and governance of the Republican Party” and that right shall not be abridged (OKGOP Rule 3(a)). I take that responsibility seriously and want to give you the opportunity to participate at the State level in decisions that will impact the OKGOP,” to read more of Hill’s post on, click here.

Read more about Republican reactions to Sen. Lankford’s promotion of the border invasion here.

During Sen. Lankford’s last campaign for reelection, this writer asked him at a Tulsa Republican Men’s Club Meeting if he had “learned yet that you can not compromise with those who daily seek your complete destruction.” Apparently he has not.

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  1. Gina Griffith

    I am very distressed that Langford would go along with allowing ILLEGAL people, that are not vetted, into our country. I know Vietnamese people who are in Oklahoma LEGAL, and they take offense, & are extremely disappointed to this action!

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