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GOP State Committee Called

Updated: Tuesday, GOP State Vice Chairman Wayne Hill called an official meeting of the State Committee for January 27th in Oklahoma City.

Beginning his call with notice that the “State Committee is the supreme authority of the State GOP,” Hill notes an internal struggle in Oklahoma’s Congressional District 3 and apparent betrayals by GOP elected officials. Hill writes, “Our ‘Republican’ Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, Leslie Osburn, supports LGBTQ ideology and chaired an organization indoctrinating our children. Our ‘Republican’ US Senator, James Lankford, worked on language for a bill with Chuck Schumer to allow more illegals into our country and further compromise our border.”

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OK GOP needs new leadership

Editorial: In twenty years of convention going, I don’t think that there has been a more simple question for delegates to ask in the Chair’s race.  Let’s face it, Chair of the OKGOP is not an easy job and we have had a rough two years to prove that.  But the Party must do better. As we approach the May 6th Oklahoma Republican Convention, delegates face a stark contrast which boils down to one question, “Are you satisfied?”  Continue reading