Dahm Propaganda

Editorial: Oklahoma State Senator (R-Dist. 33, Broken Arrow) and Republican State Party Chairman Nathan Dahm declared January 29 that a meeting of the Republican State Committee held January 27 was illegitimate because “ALL” committee members were not invited.

However, Dahm has, contrary to Republican tradition, withheld access to official party mailing lists after his election at last year’s convention. That withholding of critical information limits the effectiveness of the Party’s Vice Chairman Wayne Hill and many elected precinct and county leaders.

The list used for the invitation may not have reached a small number of committee members new to the group.

The meeting was attended by 172 active Republicans from all across Oklahoma. The 124 voting members of the State Committee resoundingly approved several resolutions as their first official act of the 2024 election year. Therefore, Dahm is misrepresenting the facts, as authoritarian personalities often do.

This was the same number of state committee members as met at the previous State Committee meeting. The meeting fulfilled all Party requirements for a legitimate meeting.

One of several resolution condemned U.S. Senator James Lankford and made national news and set the state party establishment on fire.

Dahm insulted all GOP State Committee members in calling their time and efforts “illegitimate” as he tries to protect Sen. Lankford, who has donated significantly to the OK GOP Party in years past.

Today, the Republican Party of Tulsa County sent email to members again condemning the condemnation and the GOP State Committee. Utilizing the party email and her title of Tulsa County GOP Chairman, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith backed Chair Dahm and Sen. Landford in an obvious power play by establishment Republicans to silence grassroots Republicans. Smith began her rant, “False reports of the OKGOP censuring Senator James Lankford are being reported to the media by a small divisive faction of our party.” Smith, as has been reported previously, puts “Baghdad Bob” to shame as a propagandist.

Apparently, Dahm and Smith like Lankford’s open borders. These are NOT “American First” Republicans.

Smith’s Tulsa email was sent just three hours after the Republican controversy was covered in an email from this writer’s Substack site, Straight Up. Click here for the background and details of the controversy.

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